Steve Jobs Was a Kafir and Allah Will Not Let Him Through the Pearly Gates

Muslims are forbidden to pray foor Steve Jobs:

On Channel Owned By Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal – Who Also Owns Part of Apple – Saudi Cleric Sa’d Bin Al-Shathari Says: It Is Forbidden to Pray to Allah to Place Steve Jobs in Paradise  (MEMRI)

Interviewer: “There is a great deal of interest in the death of Steve Jobs, the founder and owner of Apple and its former CEO. I’d like you to comment on two matters. First, is it permissible to be sad over the death of an infidel? Second, is it permissible to ask for Allah’s mercy for an infidel? There was a lot of debate on Twitter and Facebook about this.”

Sa’d Bin Al-Shathari: “With regard to being sad, it is not something within one’s volition. One does not decide to become sad, and therefore, there is no ruling about it in Islamic law. […]

“As for asking for Allah’s mercy [upon an infidel], if a person prays for Allah to alleviate the torments of someone close to him, or for Him to ignore some of his sins – that’s permissible too. But to pray for Allah to have mercy upon him or place him in Paradise – that is forbidden.”

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  1. Thank God Steve Jobs is not going to that dirty gates of hell, but I will see him one day in the kingdom of heaven, have face time with Jesus. And this proves that my glorious God is not the dirty little cockroach Allah the Muslims worship to

  2. muslim prince would be better suited to be part of owner of muhameds half price camel and donkey brothel. best prices for all muslim royalty .

  3. I’d be insulted to think that a muslim would pray for me. I don’t need their words of evil.

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