"To hell with Muhammad and the Mohammedans"

Norway: Anti-Islam lyrics no barrier to Norway music prize (Islam in Europe)

“Norway will soon awaken”

Norwegian black metal band nominated for music prize despite anti-Islam lyrics

There are many in metal who constantly slag off Christianity (looking at you Marilyn “Hypocrite” Manson) but don’t have the balls to do so when it comes to Islam.  About time they get with the program: there is no music in Islam…..

Maybe it’s time for the Norwegians to start burning down Mosques instead of Churches….. 

(of course I wouldn’t condone such a course of action and would thoroughly condemn anyone who did such a thing, we always do….).

Other news:

“There are way too many Turks in Austria.”

To say so is -of course- “racist”.


First Muslim cemetery in France

That’s where the ‘authorities’ couldn’t protect us from  les Musulmanes, and the event had to be cancelled….. How come  they don’t send the cadavers back to dar ul Islam?

Preemptive Dhimmitude in Germany

The treacherous red-green loons have lost the plot long ago. Now they’re losing their minds:

Anti-Islamic websites come under greater scrutiny in Germany

David Crossland/The National

Jan 9, 2012

BERLIN // German authorities have announced a plan to place anti-Islamic websites under surveillance because of growing concern that they are becoming more radical and fomenting right-wing violence.

The state prosecutor’s office in Munich said last week it had launched an investigation into Michael Stürzenberger, a politician who has written blogs for Politically Incorrect, on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred.

Mr Stürzenberger, a former spokesman for the conservative Christian Social Union party, wrote on January 5: “The totalitarian claim to power inherent in Islam and its legitimisation of violence and killing cannot have a place in a democratic and free society.”  (More)

Muselputz Aiman Mazyek:

Mayzek,  the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, said in a recent interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, a leading newspaper, that it was time authorities clamped down on such sites.

“We must be clear that the lines between right-wing populists and right-wing radicals are blurred. The one can pave the way for the other. Right-wing populists like to fan fear of Islam, and the resulting hostility to Islam is used by neo-Nazis as an entrance ticket into mainstream society.

“Those who sow hatred and transport blatant racism cloaked as criticism of Islam aren’t representing an opinion but committing a crime. No one minds criticism but there is no right to spreading racist ideology, which is precisely what inflammatory internet sites are doing.”

Stasi at work: are Islam critics next?

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  1. Here an old and famous punk band with an ironic song:

    and here a metal band
    Kalashnikov – Warriors of the Hezbollah

  2. Header of Constitution Protection (state agency Hamburg) Dr. Manfred Murck
    put Islam enemies in the crosshairs


    Manfred Murck “Provider of anti-MuslimIslam sites have a troubled relationship to the democratic rule of law”

    FALSE: “..abolition of religious freedom and the deportation of all Muslims.”

    RIGHT: Michael Stürzenberger give in the Muslims living in Germany the option to reject the evil & barbaric Sharia law to protect the valuable German Basic law, or to leave the country.

    What’s wrong with that?

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