Where the hell are we going?

Lauren Booth visits Israellycool

Is this bitch bat shit crazy or what?

Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama has accomplishments?

Hussein Obama’s First Positive Accomplishment

Its real!

Truth is stranger than fiction…The Trojan Horse President

“He would go on a world apology tour, letting America’s friends and foes know that he is doing whatever he can to make sure that America becomes a third-rate power and is brought to heel under a growing world government headed by the United Nations. While on the tour, he would praise Islam and denigrate America’s Christian heritage.”

Lunatics will rule the world  (if we let them)

In Iran,  disobeying the supreme leader is equivalent to “apostasy from God.” According to Shiite belief, Mahdi will reappear after great world chaos and destruction, and Islam will rule the world.

For World Peace Islam Must Be Destroyed!

One prominent ayatollah, Mesbah Yazdi, one of Iran’s leading advocates of Islamic end times’ ideology, has stated that Khamenei ascends to the sky every year for five hours to meet with Imam Mahdi and to consult about what action to take next. It is said that Khamenei has been told by Imam Mahdi to continue full speed with the Iranian nuclear program and not to fear anyone or any threats…” (BCF)

When it comes to money, the mullah’s  have great faith in U.S. dollars:

 IRAN:  MULLAHS Bank Accounts Info in foreign countries.

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  1. “For World Peace Israel Must Be Destroyed!”
    – translation

    “Peace” = islam = submission (Cannot be repeated too often)

    In other words, the message in the photo is
    “For The Caliphate Israel Must..etc”

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