Canberra Muslims: "its un-Christian to distribute offensive literature…"

 “People are entitled to express themselves, but…”

This story has been done to death, over and over again….

Why don’t we tell them  its “un-Islamic”  to distribute that genocidal hate literature which Muslims call ‘Koran, sira & hadith…”


Yuman Rites machine springs into action:

The pamphlet, entitled  Is Allah Like You?,  depicts an Islamic man who abuses his wife and son until he converts to Christianity and learns the error of his ways. (Canberra Times)

Mr Mansuri said while he had not come across the anti-Islamic Chick Publications booklets before, he was aware of similar pamphlets targeting Hinduism and Catholics.

”They have a very narrow view on the message of Jesus Christ,” he said.

”We would like to emphasise that Jesus Christ is our beloved prophet. I don’t think he would have condoned such behaviour, especially at this time of year.”

Mr Mansuri extended an invitation to anyone who was interested in learning more about Australia’s Islamic community to attend an open day at their local mosque.

The inevitable call to da’awa is as far away as the next Islamic rage boy, or the mosque in your neighborhood, or the totally ridiculous “Jesus was a prophet of Islam” billboards. However, the dimbulbs from the enemedia don’t  find them offensive at all:


Merry Christmas from Saudi Arabia

Had Jesus been born in Saudi Arabia today, he’d likely be imprisoned, flogged or beheaded.

Check out the cartoons, here: Is Allah Like You?

Other offerings from downunder:

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Sharks are adapting to climate change: SHARKZILLA

A rogue shark has been spotted by a New Zealand pilot flying into Christchurch International Airport – cruising at an altitude of several thousand feet above the ground …

The climate changers are onto it; so is Tim Blair:  WHAT HAVE WE DONE

 From an evolutionary perspective, it’s a clear sign that shark populations are adapting to climate change across the planet. From an end-of-the-world perspective, it means it’s only a matter of time before flying sharks infest our skies with teeth and fins of airborne terror.

It’s already happening. Frikkin’ sky sharks are absolutely everywhere. This one is inside an airport.



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