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Dear Mr. Ali Sina,

I was reading one posting from a Muslim guy , and I was wondering what will be your expert opinion on this.

He wrote :

”Islam the primordial religion can be misunderstood easily.

This claim contradicts the Quran. The Quran says repeatedly that it is a “clear book” (5:15) “easy to understand” (44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40), “explained in detail” (6:114) “conveyed clearly” (5:16,10:15) … and with “no doubt” in it (2:2).

Furthermore, why only Islam is misunderstood and other religions are not?  Shouldn’t the reverse be true? Didn’t Islam come allegedly to clarify all the misunderstandings in other religions?

Islam is perfectly clear. It is its apologists that try to  confuse others because they are embarrassed of the truth.

A superficial acquaintance with the religion may lead one to the view that Islam is of relatively recent origin, compared to other religions, and that it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW as the Last Messenger of Allah to continue Allah’s mission in Tauhid since the creation of Adam. Allah has spoken again to reveal the last commandment to Prophet Muhammad since the vacuum of Divine Revelation since Prophet Jesus 600 years earlier.

This claim is nonsense. Muhammad said all previous prophets preached Islam and then their followers corrupted it so God sent him as the last prophet to set the records straight.  First of all at no time Jews or Christians, let alone Zoroastrians or Buddhists practiced or believed anything resembling Islam.  Muslims claim all these faiths were originally like Islam and changed later by the believers.  This is a bogus claim. The burden of proof is on Muslims. Where is the proof?

Secondly, if God had allowed all his previous religions become corrupted, why Islam should be exempt?  Doesn’t this person say that Islam can be easily misunderstood?  So if it is so easily misunderstood, why should we believe that it is not corrupted already?

The connection between Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Jesus are very close because both of them brought the same divine message to worship One God – Allah.

I have studied both Islam and Christianity. I can say with certainty that there are no two philosophies, teachings, doctrines or beliefs that are more contradictory than these two.  The message of Jesus revolves around love. The message of Muhammad revolves around fear. The cores of these two faiths are diametrically opposed to each other. As the result, all the ramifications are different.  Yes both faiths are theistic, and rehash the Zoroastrian eschatology of heaven and hell, but they worship different gods.  Allah is not the same God of Jesus. It does not have the same characteristics.  Sugar and cyanide share some similarities. Both come in granulated form and are white. But there ends the similarity. The same is true about the God envisioned by Jesus and the deity that Muhammad made up.

Other connection between them is, one of Prophet Jesus tasks – to announce the coming of the last Prophet and Jesus confirmed that the last Prophet will clear his name (Jesus) from false accusations.

Jesus never mentioned Muhammad. Again the burden of proof is on Muslims to show where Jesus talked about Muhammad? The only thing Jesus said is that many false prophets will come and will seduce multitudes. He said you’ll recognize them by their fruits.  The teachings and deeds of a prophet are his fruits. You can say also his followers are his fruits. Look at the actions of Muhammad. He was a mass murderer, an assassin, a thief, a rapist, a pedophile, a deceiver.  Look at his teachings! They are full of hatred and violence.  Look at his followers! They are the most backward and wretched people in the world. They are deceivers who lie about their faith and fabricate phony miracles to attribute to their prophet and to his book of hate and ignorance.  It is easy to see Muhammad was a false prophet when we analyze his fruits.


While Prophet Muhammad – The Last Prophet and Messenger of Allah did his duty and by Allah’s command to clean and clear Jesus and his mother Maryam (Mary) from false accusations.

Clear Jesus’s name of what?  Was Jesus a raider, a plunderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a slave maker, an assassin or a mysogynist and woman beater?  Of what Jesus’s name had to be cleared?  I tell you whose names Muhammad cleared? He cleared the names of Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Conte de Dracula. Whatever crimes these monsters committed Muhammad did worse.  He reserved for himself the title of the most evil man in history.  So no one before or after him can be called that. He cleared the names of all the evil people who have ever existed and  were born after him.

Jesus does not need Muhammad to clear his name. If really a man like Jesus existed and did and said things that are attributed to him, he must have been a superior human, the best person who ever graced the earth. Why would such a holy being need his name to be cleared by a villain like Muhammad?  What a preposterous pretense! The worst man is to clear the name of the best man?  The absurdity of the Muslim mind is beyond belief.


In Al-Quran there are at least 3 chapters refer to the story of Jesus (Surah Al-Maidah), his mother Maryam (Surah Maryam) and the story of Jesus Family (Surah Al-Imran) which cannot be found in Christian’s Bible. “

The Quran is wrong about Mary. Muhammad was so ignorant that he confused Mary, mother of Jesus with Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron who lived at least 1500 years earlier. How could he make such a mistake?  It is because in Arabic both names are written and pronounced Maryam. The illiterate prophet, whose only source of knowledge about Christianity and Judaism was the sermons of Christian preachers such as Qis ibn Sa’ada, the bishop of Nijran, during the annual market fair of Okaz, thought the two Maryams are the same.  This illiterate man did not realize that when the bishop was talking about Maryam he was talking about two different women.


“Allah had honored Jesus, Maryam and his family in The Holy Quran especially Allah put Maryam’s name as one of Quranic Chapter which is chapter 19 – Chapter Maryam. Such the great honor to such devoted and righteous servant of Allah even she was a WOMAN. [capitalization in the original text]

“Even though she was a WOMAN?”  Wow! Even though she was a filthy woman, deficient in intelligence and inferior, she was mentioned in the Quran?   These benighted people really believe women are inferior creatures.  But Allah made an exception and honored Mary by mentioning her in the Quran even though she was a woman. He even capitalizes the word woman to highlight her low status.

Do I need to add anything more?  Just see for yourself the depravity of the mind of this Muslim (not that other Muslims are any better). This is Islam for ya.

Who will tell this servant of Allah that there is no shame in being a woman and also Mary does not need her name mentioned in the Quran and that is no honor? Other Suras of the Quran are named  The Cow, Livestock, Ants, Spider and Spoils (stollen property).


Allah had chosen Maryam as “Woman above of all nations” which this testimony also cannot be found in Christian Bible. Islam recognized Maryam (Mary) as Aulia (Allah’s Holy Person). Allah also had chosen The Family of Imran (Jesus Family) as the chosen family among the family of all nations. Most Christians didn’t know who Imran was. Al-Quran told us Imran was a father of Maryam and he was a religious leader of Jerusalem. Imran also was a grandfather of Jesus. Since Jesus was born without biological father, Al-Quran put Jesus in the line of Imran lineage, which means Jesus was Imran descendant. Imran was a descendant from Prophet Daud (David).

Imran or Amran, was the father of Miriam, Moses and Aarron. As stated in (Ex. vi. 18-20; Num. iii. 19, xxvi. 58; I Chron. vi. 2, 3, 18). He was a son of Kohath and the grandson of Levi.   Amran was not a descendant of David. He lived at least 400 years before David.   Luke 3:23 names Heli as the father of Mary.  This is one of many of Muhammad’s obvious blunders that conclusively prove he was an ignorant man with a very superficial knowledge of the Bible. He did not read the Bible personally.  His knowledge of that book was second hand. In one time he heard Maryam was the mother of Jesus. In another time he heard Maryam was the daughter of Amran and sister of Aaron. He thought these two women are one and the same because in Arabic their names are the same.  All we need to prove Muhammad was a false prophet is this error. And he made thousands more errors like this and worse.


In Christian Bible, the authors of Gospel of Luke and Gospel of Mathew put Jesus after Joseph (Yusuf) Al-Najar. This was not entirely correct since Joseph was not Jesus biological father.”

This is false. The authors of the Gosels believed in the virginity of Mary and claim Jesus was conceived through the Holy Spirit.


“Deeper understanding of the Islamic perspective of religion would reveal that Islam was not founded by Prophet Muhammad SAW. As a matter of fact, Islam as a way of life had its origin at the time when the first man Adam and his wife Eve, was created and sent down to earth.

This is a baseless claim. There is no evidence whatsoever that anything resembling Islam existed before Muhammad invented it.

Deeper understanding of Islam reveals that Muhammad was a mentally sick man. I have shown this in my book Understanding Muhammad.  The evidence is overwhelming.


Adam was also a Prophet and after him was chain of prophets’ follows. The central divine message was, just as it is today, none other than TAWHID – that Allah is One and Alone and He is the Only One worthy of worship and obedience.

Again this is an unsubstantiated claim. Adam is a myth and so are many ancient prophets such as Noah.


 Islam is not a religion based on the personality of the founder which most non-Muslims thought.

This is a lie. Islam is built entirely around the personality of its founder. Muhammad suffered from malignant narcissism and one can see this disorder clearly in all his followers. I invite the reader to read my book for details.


 Islam has no founder and no prophets of Allah can claim that he was the founder but on Allah Himself the Creator revealed Islam by the Chains of Prophets. The prophets of Allah are the channel through whom mankind received a message pertaining to the nature of the Absolute and subsequently the relative, a message contains a VERY strict DOCTRINE – ALLAH IS ONE in conformity with the Islamic perspective to call DEENULLLAH – which means The Religion of Allah.


These are all bogus claims with no substance.  In fact evidences indicate that Islam is alien to the Bible.

  We are told in the Quran that even before the creation of man Allah assembled all the souls and made they recognize His Lordship.

Nonsense fairytale!

 Allah mentions in Holy Quran:

“O Prophet, remind mankind about the event when your Lord drew forth from the children of Adam, from their loins their descendants, and made them testify, concerning themselves (saying), Am I not your Lord? They said Yes, We do testify” (Surah Al-A’raf, verse 172)

But, after they was born and they have sight of earth, some of them denied the testify that they had made. Hence belief in Allah as one True Supreme Being to be worship and Oneness of Allah is imprinted on every soul. But as children of Adam and Eve multiplied and spread across the earth, the message of Islam with TAWHID as its alpha and omega began to lose its purity. Belief in monotheism, with which man was created, underwent a process of degeneration. With the passage of time, the teachings of the prophets were either lost or changed to suit fantasies and imaginations.”

This claim is nonsense.  People in Americas, in East Asia and in Africa did not have monotheistic religion. Monotheism is an invention of Akhenathen or Zoroaster. Jews were influenced by these creeds and that is how Christianity and Islam became monotheistic.

Muhammad at one point praised Al Lat, Al Uzza and Al Manat, the daughters of Allah in order to gain the support of the Quraish.  He had no problem embracing polytheism when he thought it may be politically convenient.  Then changed his mind when he realized he needed to keep up the hostility and divide the community, in order to rule. He then said those verses that that acknowledged the three goddesses were satanic verses.  Muhammad adopted monotheism out of convenience because it suited his purpose. If politheism was more convenient, he would have chosen polytheism. If atheism would have made him more successful he would have promoted atheism. Monotheims was only a tool for power.

Furthermore, there is no proof that monotheism is true. There is no evidence of the existence of God.  Many rational people are either deists, or pantheists or atheists.

“Belief in TAWHID strayed into various forms of worship such as ditheism, tritheism and even pantheism. In most cases, excessive love of prophets and even other righteous personalities resulted in the worship of images and idols. The Prophet Muhammad forbad Muslims not to give him credit beyond his real worth.

The Holy Prophet said:”Do not praise me excessively as the Christians did to the son of Mary. Verily, I am merely a slave, so refer to me instead as The Slave of Allah and His Messenger”.

Muhammad was a pathological narcissist. One must not be fooled by his fake pretense of modesty. Here are a few passages where he exhorted his followers to worship him.

  • Truly, Allâh and His angels send praise and blessings [forever] upon the Prophet. O you who believe! Praise and bless the Prophet with utmost laud and blessing. (Q.33:56)
  • And you (stand) on an exalted standard of character. (Q.68:4)
  • You [Muhammad] are a lamp with spreading light. (Q.33:46)
  • You of Faith, say not (to the Prophet) words of ambiguous import like ‘Listen to us,’ but words of respect; and obey (him): To those who don’t submit there is a grievous punishment. (Q. 2:104)
  • He who obeys the Messenger obeys Allah. (Q. 4:80)
  • He who disobeys the Apostle after guidance has been revealed will burn in Hell. (Q. 4:114)
  •  You [Muhammad] may have whomever you desire; there is no blame. (Q. 33:51)
  •  Allah gives his Messenger Lordship and Power over whomever He wills. (Q.59:6)
  •  Blessed is He who holds the reins of Kingship. (Q. 67:1)
  • You [Muhammad] are an exalted character of tremendous morality. Soon you will see, and they will see, which of you is afflicted with madness. (Q. 68:4)
  • Verily this is the Word (brought by) a most honorable Messenger imbued with power, the Lord of the Throne, Mighty, One to be obeyed. (Q. 81:19)

The most egregious claim, in my opinion, is the claim that God promised him to forgive all his future sins. “Lo! We have given thee (O Muhammad) a clear victory.  That Allâh may forgive thee of thy sin that which is past and that which is to come.” (Q.48:1-2)

Maybe that is why he lived such a despicable life. There is hardly any crime he didn’t commit. Was he under the delusion that his future sins will be forgiven and that he won’t have to respond for them?  Can possibly a sane god make such an offer to anyone?

The following are some of the claims Muhammad made about himself.

  • The very first thing that Allâh Almighty ever created was my soul.[1]
  • First of all things, the Lord created my mind.[2]
  • I am from Allâh, and the believers are from me.[3]
  • Just as Allâh created me noble, he also gave me noble character.[4]

Were it not for you, [O Muhammad] I would not have created the universe.

Can one worship God without Muhammad? Not according to Muhammad. So he made himself an indispensable partner with God.  Islam is shirk, it is Muhammadism. The submission is to Muhammad, not to God. Allah was Muhammad’s alter ego.

Even as man continued to deviate from the original teachings of the prophets, messengers were raised from time to time among groups of people and tribes to bring them back to the right path and reinforce belief the Oneness of Allah. The message of all the Prophets and Messengers was therefore none other than submits to One Ilah. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW was the last line of the chain of prophets of Allah.

Again, this is a baseless claim. Where is the proof?  Did any prophet come to Indians, to Chinese, to Native Americans, to Africans or to Aboriginals of Australia to preach monotheism? Why only cultures influenced by Zoroaster and Akhenathen became monotheists?

Allah says in Al-Quran:

“Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah, and the seal of the Prophets. Allah has Knowledge of All Things” (Surah Al-Ahzab, verse 40)

The Quran is made up by Muhammad. He put these words in the mouth of his imaginary god when he lusted after the wife of his adopted son. He made Allah say he is not the father of his adopted son so it is okay for him to marry his daughter in law.  All the verses of the Quran are made for Muhammad to satisfy his needs. After seeing that any time Muhammad wanted something, a verse came from Allah granting Muhammad’s wish Aisha remarked, “I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.”[Bukhari, 6: 60:311] Looks like Muhammad’s “lord” was between his legs or at least very much concerned about that body part.

It is foolish to believe the Quran is the word of God when one can find so many absurdities and errors in it.  Sometimes there are several errors in one verse alone.  The confusion between Mary and Miriam is just one of thousands.

While explaining his role in Allah’s plan of prophetic missions, the Prophet Muhammad SAW referred to a building.

The Holy Prophet said:

“The building had been beautifully built and had been completed except for the last brick. I am that last brick. The building has now been completed. Prophethood has come to an end”

The megalomaniac deceiver made a lot of bogus claims like this, but he never gave any proof.  We have proof that the Quran is full of errors. It is impossible that the maker of this universe be as ignorant as it appears in the Quran.

 ”The Islam that we find today in the world is the message brought by the Prophet Muhammad through his teachings (syariat). So, what happened to the Islam of the earlier prophets of Allah? All the revealed teachings (syariat) were originally Islam brought by their respective prophets. But later, the message decayed into what is known today as religions taking the names of the prophets (Christian), the tribes (Jews) or groups (Sabians/Aryans i.e. Vedic and Avestan cultures) they were raised among, or the places they lived. However, Islam in its original form was not based on any particular community, place or personality. According to the Islamic perspective, Allah did not send different truths through the prophets but only different expressions and forms of the same original truth of TAWHID. No religion can in fact be the universal, scientific, art, literature, political, linguist, social and many more that relates to mankind nature which is all in one.


These are all claims with no evidence. Muslims have circular reasoning. They confuse the claim with the proof. If you ask them for the proof they show you the Quran.

Muslims claim that the original message of Moses, Jesus and all other prophets was Islam, which was then corrupted by the believers.  But where is the proof?  When these messages became corrupted? At least it appears that Muhammad believed at his time many Jews and Christians had been expecting his coming by reading their scriptures. So up to that time the Bible must have not been corrupted. But we don’t find any reference to Muhammad in the Old or New Testaments.  Muslims’ explanation: These books are corrupted.  How could all the copies of the Bible become corrupted after Muhammad?  Waraqa, Khadijah’s cousin was a transcriber or interpreter of the Bible. He must have had the original version since Muhammad claimed he had recognize him as a prophet because of his familiarity with the scriptures.  What happened to his copy of the Bible?

There are books left from early Christian writers such as Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, Tertullian, an apologist of Christianity, Dionysius, a pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Donatus Magnus, a bishop of Carthage, and Thomas Aquinas.  None of these authors had written anything resembling Islam.  Islam resembles Arab Paganism. All its rituals are borrowed from Pagans.

 The word Islam means both peace and surrender. He who surrenders himself to Allah gains peace. The basic idea here is that man, through the use of his intelligences, chooses to subject himself to the Divine Will. He is then known as a Muslim.

Islam does not mean peace. It means surrender. There is a twist in this also. In Islam peace can be attained only through surrender. So when Muslims talk about peace they mean peace through subjugation of other nations.

The surrender is not to God. It is to Muhammad.  Allah is only a sock puppet of Muhammad.

Intelligence only demonstrates that Islam is a lie. A Muslim is one who surrenders his intelligence to Muhammad and blindly believes in any nonsense, out of fear. Fear is the tool of the psychopath to control his victims. Intelligence rejects Islam and that is why Muslim countries censor all critical discussion of Islam, including my sites. They know that through intelligence Islam will be destroyed.  Islam can survive only when people are kept in ignorance.

I’m sorry for this long e-mail. It would be a privilege to know expert opinion on these. If you’re busy, then it’s ok.

Sorry again.




Islam is nothing but deception.  Once the truth about this false religion is revealed to the world this faith of hate and lies will me destroyed.  Such a thing was not possible before because Muslims eliminated any person who dissented. Now they can’t do that easily. They can block sites critical of Islam but that is a futile attempt. Truth is spreading fast and there is no way they can stop it.

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