Anti-Dhimmitude in Tennessee

Anti-Dhimmitude in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTW) — A state panel on Friday unanimously approved credits for a law enforcement training course that critics have called anti-Muslim.

“Critics” are of course the usual suspects from CAIR, a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“False and inaccurate training is ultimately counterproductive and could have a detrimental effect on officers’ ability to fairly police the community they serve,” reads a Tuesday letter from Washington-D.C.,-based CAIR to the state’s Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission.

As usual, CAIR fails to explain what’s “false and inaccurate”.  The old chestnut “counterproductive” in their queer and twisted minds means slowing down the spread of Islam. We can’t have that.

“Loonwatch” tops it off:

More than 100 Tennessee law enforcement officers are being trained this week in Murfreesboro by an organization that believes an Islamic insurgency is underway in the USA.

Now why would anyone get such a crazy idea? Could it have anything to do with this:

– “Allah is our goal, the Prophet is our leader, the Quran is our constitution, the Jihad is our way, and the death for Allah is our most exalted wish.”

The Bungla is onto it:

Shock Horror!

MURFREESBORO, TN — A group that states on their website that the “Islamic Movement” is a “threat to our civil liberties” is training deputies in Rutherford County this week.  More from Bungla Watch.

Bungla sycophant Richard Bartholomew sings along as usual…..