Australia: the boats keep coming!

“The Collapse of the Malaysia Agreement”

How do you collapse an agreement to which the other side never agreed?

Maybe the open gate is actually an invitation

Andrew Bolt

Not keeping up with the inflow, even after opening the gates of the detention centres – or is there actually a link between the two?:

THE government has released 257 boat arrivals on bridging visas since its policy shift on detention, but in that time 1078 more asylum seekers have come ashore at Christmas Island.

Bridging visas, requiring asylum seekers to find accommodation and seek work to pay their way as they wait for the outcome of refugee claims, are seen as a way to relieve pressure on the detention network and lower costs in the wake of the collapse of the Malaysia agreement.

Pedo’s Hit

A disturbing hit rate, even if the men were innocent:

AN AUSTRALIAN gay couple have had their six-year-old son taken from them by child protection authorities in Los Angeles while the FBI and Queensland Police investigate allegations that they are members of an international paedophile ring…   Three is unusual, even for the innocent (Andrew Bolt)

My KRuddness!

FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd has hauled in Syria’s representative in Australia, bluntly warning that the regime in Damascus has lost legitimacy and President Bashar al-Assad must resign before more lives are lost. (Legitimacy? What exactly legitimizes KRudd ?)

Tim Blair knows how to deal with blather and drivel:  LONG WAY HOLMES

Perhaps he’s paid per word. Jonathan Holmes struggles to define author David McKnight:

McKnight is an Associate Professor of Journalism at UNSW. He’s an unashamedly political animal. He’s had a career-long interest in the politics of the Cold War, and has written about the modern culture wars between left and right, and what should replace them …

McKnight has his own political leanings, which are certainly not to the right. 

Just say it, man. He’s a former communist.