Not all Muslims keep sex-slaves in the cellar

Paki Perverts Keep Deaf Sex Slave in Cellar For 10 Years

A deaf 10-year-old girl was trafficked into the UK, repeatedly raped, kept in a cellar and treated as a virtual slave for almost a decade, a court heard today.   The Daily Mail thanks to Vlad

Not All Asians Punch and Beat White People With Bottles

A white man was hit with a bottle and his teenage friend punched in a race hate attack by a gang of Asians, it emerged today.  The pair were set upon on a footpath near a retail park in Rochdale, Greater Manchester – the second such brutal attack within days.

Not All Muslims Release Snakes in Court

Not  All Muslims Criticize Muhammad

Saudi Sheikh weeping as he demands that Saudi Columnist Hamza Kashgari gets executed

The blasphemy laws are alive and well in Saudi Arabia. Those who say that they have no part of Sharia as it comes to the West are not being honest; there is no school of Islamic jurisprudence that does not call for death for blasphemy.

Hamza Kashgari has fled the country and is in hiding. “Saudi Hamza Kashgari faces death calls after prophet tweets,” from AFP, February 10:  Saudi faces calls for his death after criticizing Muhammad

No free speech for  You  Jew

TORONTO – All hell will break loose at the University of Western Ontario if the students who disrupted an Israel On Campus (IOC) event don’t face repercussions, warned a frustrated IOC member. Jewish Tribune via Vlad

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