CNN Asshole of the Month

CNN contributor L.Z. Granderson on Thursday morning’s Newsroom:

“Behind the buzzwords and the euphemisms, deceit lurks:”

“You know, religious freedom, for instance, right? You know they aren’t fighting for Muslims and mosques. They’re fighting for Christianity and Judeo-Christianity.”

Someone has to. The US government and the MSM are trying their best to eradicate those religions.

Republicans “aren’t fighting for Muslims and mosques,” said Granderson of their claims of “religious freedom,” but simply “fighting for Christianity.”

Hmm, I always suspected Christians  to be a bit simplistic. But they’re not really fighting, at least not yet…..

Republicans are deceitfully playing with words to avoid being slammed as homophobes, racists, and bigots, claimed CNN contributor L.Z. Granderson on Thursday morning’s Newsroom. Anchor Kyra Phillips simply let Granderson air his liberal diatribe without any challenge, and no conservative guest was brought on to respond.

In other words, if we  don’t support slavery, polygamy, child-marriage, FGM, wife-beating and the killing of blasphemers and Jews we are somehow racist bigot Islamophbes who cling  to our guns and religion. Or something….

Granderson also claimed that candidates hide behind the phrase “family values” to avoid a direct reference to same-sex couples, and thus are able to oppose same-sex marriage without being called homophobes.

The duo hinted that Republicans are afraid of charges of racism. Phillips later asked “how do we talk about national security without sounding racist?” Granderson, at the end, insisted that “we need to start having a real honest conversation about this, and go ahead and talk about race being part of this.”

“[T]he more you deny it, the more you look like you’re guilty,” said Granderson.

A brief transcript of the segment  follows (NewsBusters)

If that’s not enough BS for a day or two, you can always get more from  Caliphate News Networx’s Fareed Zakaria:

Fareed Zakaria the Walter Duranty of Our Time?


With his assertions re Iran’s “rationality,” FarZak (his rapper/Klingon name) positions himself as the duplicitous Duranty’s successor (one of ’em, anyway).

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  1. I don’t usually get to worked up over the Left’s ignorance but this guy was just blatant! The good news is, if you go to cnn’s FB page and look up this idiot’s article, there are, (at last count), appr 1400 comments. 80-90% of people responding were against the normalphobe’s article.

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