Collective Insanity in Iran is Matched by Cupidity and Stupidity in the West

“American Can Do No Wrong”

Islamic Republic incompetence watch

First there were the botched attacks in New Delhi, Tbilisi and Bangkok.

Now this photo has emerged from a pro-Iranian regime demonstration in Tehran:

The local Baseej must have used Google translator. It is exactly how Google translator, mistranslates the phrase…

Iran helping al Qaeda plot attack on West

The world moves closer to the edge. “Iran helping al Qaeda plot attack on West, intelligence sources say,” from the New York Post, February 15 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

LONDON — Iran and al Qaeda’s core leadership under Ayman al Zawahiri have established an operational relationship amid fears the terror group is planning an attack against the West.

Here we go again: when it comes to eliminating the kafirs, the thousand-year-old Sunni-Shiite rivalries are not forgotten, mind you, but cast aside to unite against the common enemy. Why can’t we operate like this too?

Where does the ABC get these people from?

Andrew Bolt – Thursday, February 16, 12

You really have to try hard to dig up someone as maniacally anti-Israeli as Geneive Abdo, tne former Guardian journalist and now Iran “expert” at a minor Washington thinktank. But the ABC’s World Today has managed it, ringing her to discuss attacks on Israeli diplomats in three countries:

ELEANOR HALL: Iran’s leadership says it’s sheer lies that it’s behind the attacks and that the Israelis have planted the bombs themselves to discredit Iran?

GENEIVE ABDO: Well I think that’s entirely possible. I mean, if you consider what the Israelis did for many years in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East, that theory is not so farfetched….

ELEANOR HALL: So how dangerous do you think the situation is right now?

GENEIVE ABDO: Well I think it’s very dangerous. It’s far more dangerous than probably any escalation tension that we’ve seen in 30 years. So, you know, you have the Israelis not willing to live with a nuclear Iran. You have the Iranians going forward with their nuclear program. And you have an American president trying to be re-elected with a Jewish lobby in the United States that’s extremely powerful.

ELEANOR HALL: Would an Israeli government consult the US before any strike?

GENEIVE ABDO: Well I think the Israelis would certainly consult the United States and expect a tacit approval, especially under the leadership of prime minister Netanyahu, who has shown that we’re dealing with a very extremist Israeli government.

Thankfully, that stupidity is matched by that of the Iranian terrorists:

Suspect Saeid Moradi, was seriously injured by a hand grenade when he hurled it at police, but it bounced back from a vehicle. The explosion tore off his legs.