Germany's Imam Idriz, a Shyster & a Fraud (part 2)

Germany’s ‘go-to’ imam for multiculturalism,  interfaith snake oil and  a  brandnew Islam which has nothing to do with Islam at all, Imam Benjamin Idriz,  turns out to be your typical Islamo shyster.   The imam got  tons of government money and influence because of  credentials which he simply hasn’t got. Lets say they went missing in the wash.

The Impostor:

Even more so, the  correspondence course he claims  he  absolved in a  radical Muslim Brotherhood institute in France is not even recognized by Islamic institutions, who see it as what it is: a training centre for radicals.

Idriz claims he completed a long-distance study at the fundamentalist-rated French private institute in Château Chinon, in which, according to Spiegel, the supremacy of the Sharia over international law is taught.

Excellent investigative journalism. Now lets hope that this SOB gets the shoe asap and, while we’re at it: lets have a closer look at the papers of the  headbangers in  your neck of the woods:

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this vid. The translation is my own….


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  1. In trying to print out this article, I find a purple piece of paper with The Winds of Jihad across it, blocking out the story. Often I have encountered such problems at this site, preventing a legible printing out. This is a pity, because this imam is scheduled to speak at a forum at the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing soon and I would like to warn the organizers about this criminal.

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