Headbangers Caught Stoning Tourists From the Temple Mount

Islamic Terrorists Caught Hurling Stones at Christian Tourists Near Temple Mount

Over a dozen Islamic worshipers terrorists were arrested Sunday after they hurled stones at Christian tourists near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem:

According to a police spokesperson, three officers were injured in the ensuing kerfuffle.The Jerusalem Post reports the disturbance started after rumors spread about “right-wing Jews” trying to reclaim area mosques and build a third Jewish temple:

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben Ruby said the protesters were reacting to reports that a group of right-wing Jews bent on destroying the mosques and building the Third Temple on the site planned to ascend to the Temple Mount en masse, similar to rumors of an attempt led by former Likud primary candidate Moshe Feiglin last Sunday.


Palestinian sources claimed over the weekend that a group of Jews would attempt to storm the Temple Mount in order to “strengthen Israeli sovereignty over the site,” according to the Jordanian newspaper.

Police said no Jews were at the Temple Mount during the altercation. The site remained opened to tourists throughout the day.

Three suspects were arrested on the scene while 10 others were arrested after exiting the al Aksa mosque, the Post reports.

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  1. Fairly typical behavior for the brain dead muslim umma, for whom scum-like misbehaviour is so natural that they consider it the norm and project it onto others. Imagine the MSM if three Jewish kids had even spat at the islamic trash.

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