Useful Idiots

Yet another useful idiot swallows the Kool Aid:

This A-sole sounds more like Lord Haw Haw though.

Most of our “concerned” countrymen would be quite surprised at the freedom, flexibility and accommodation of Islam and Shariah law. Consider Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam at the center of the dispute over the ground zero Muslim community center. He condemns as violators of Shariah law the Islamic states that kill wantonly, stone women and deny education. Rauf says the targeting of civilians is wrong. “It is a sin in our religion,” and he also proclaims on some issues, “I am a supporter of Israel.”- (THOMAS SCHOLL - Special to The Telegraph)


Me thinks America needs to get rid of many college professors:

Messiah College Professor: ‘Obama May Be the Most Explicitly Christian President in American History’

Mental mush, willful stupidity and  a cucksuckery that equals that of ‘Tingles’ (Chris Matthews)

Last year, Messiah College captured headlines for inviting controversial leftist professor hardcore Marxist Frances Fox Piven to speak at the Christian, higher education facility.   (The Blaze)

Muslim slogan “we are the new Jews” to include “we are the new homo’s” 

The Strange Views of Mr. Quraishi and their Disturbing Implications for Free Speech

 “Muslims do not ask for any special protection” but merely the “same protection…given to other minorities, for example to Jewish communities or Homosexual groups.”

It seems to elude Mr. Quraishi  that our society is based on equality and not on the pact of Umar.

General Quraishi as well as numerous other participants at the conference extolled the civilizational contributions of Islam – and Muslims – to humanity. Perhaps not too surprisingly in this politically correct world, in the end the OSCE seemingly acceded to Quraishi’s desire to protect Muslims from insulting speech and promote a positive view of Islam.  Full Text…

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  1. So let me understand this….there is a positive side to Islam according to professors who often profess no faith whatsoever except their faith in getting another check for pushing BS in the colleges? Pray tell how does one come to form the Americanization of Islam as Rauf proposes to do? How does one ever mesh totalitarianism with its total opposite as found in our Constitution? And totalitarian is Islam with its total regulation in just about every arena of one’s life…like who the hell needs that crap? If I wanted to be regulated 24/7, I’d join the military where you put your brains on hold to be told what, when, how you can move, act, sit, sht and more…just like Islam does 24/7.

    We are already so over regulated in our lives, and the pace is so fast, all we need now is to bow to mecca ten times a day to a terrorist god that tells us to kill anyone not believing in strapping a suicide belt to their own flesh and blood. The entire faux religion is built on ritual, not unlike that of many other primitive cultures who fixate on such brainwashing devices. Ritual is great if your brain is pea size or if you like having your head in a trance, but for those of us not willing to do drugs or put our heads up our arses, ritual sucks and sucks bigtime.

    Why would one be asked to forfeit ones brain via said ritual to a moon god? Americans need a wake up call, but not the kind that emanates from arab chants, moans/groans. We all know about the groans..those are the noises that come from peoples who feel they are victimized when others don’t want to follow their perverse tenets.

    If I were a muslim woman, I would not want my man to be shared with four other women, be it in a permanent marriage or the bin laden version of temporary marriages, a la quran style, (code for a one night stand). Does this mean I am going against allah? If so, I would have a flash for allah, just as I have a flash for all the moronic imams on youtube telling their men, How To Beat Your Wife Properly. Who needs that crap…surely not any woman, but come to think about it, a lot of men need to be beat properly starting with imams who espouse such crap, or priests who defile children or any other perverts who espouse the usury and abuse of women/kids.

    Until muslims can be honest with themselves that there is nothing godlike or meritorious about marrying five women, honor killings, keeping women as chattel, muslims fighting muslims in 52 countries, and tards like Rauf actually believing they can set up a mosque and center near a major death site promoted by Islam/twin towers, then these arrogant and ignorant misfits have no place in our country.

    Many thanks to Sheik for the brilliant photo of Mecca dashed by fire and fury with the caption displayed beneath it—you had better believe that there is no way any other church would be allowed to build near that site, except maybe for one like Jim Jones had in his jungle in Guyana…both Jones and Rauf have something in common. They both expect others to drink the koolaid of psychological poison.
    So, Rauf’s wetdream of wiggling his way into america is just that, a supremely soggy wetdream dripping with daydreams of dead dogma.

    A flash for Rauf and those guys who think all women are stupid, I don’t want to spend half of my life in a bendover position facing mecca, and then also pretend I don’t care that hubby is with wife no. 4 tonight as I twiddle my thumbs all the meanwhile he twiddles Ayesa.

  2. I am still in a state of astonished disbelief that the ghastly crime perpetrated upon the American people on 9/11 has been stomached with so much mild non-chalance — if we had had a decent president in his right mind, he would have said: everything stops, no traffic lights will blink red and green as if nothing had happened, no business as usual the next day, no planes will take off or land, no schools will be open, no sports games will be played, all mosques will be closed, all Muslims will be rounded up and put into the concentration camps the government has prepared for us, the patriots, and kept there until the planes sent out to bomb the hell out of Mecca, Medina and Jedda have returned safely with the message: Mission Accomplished — Saudi Arabia has been annihilated. Then the Moslems of whatever stripe can be let out of the camps and escorted to the nearest airports and sent packing, expelled from America the Beautiful. We do not want any Moslems living here, we do not want any mosques desecrating our landsacpes, we do not want any filthy Korans dirtying up our libraries or our homes — Moslems must live in islamic countries where they can practice their barbaric, primitive rules and regulations — cut off hands, marry one-day old female babies and have sex with them, beat their wives, massacre their daughters for wanting to develop their personalities and choose their own clothes and friends, marry their cousins or brothers, follow the rules for having sex with animals, and kill anyone who doesn’t happen to share their beliefs — there is even a law that says a Muslim man must shave the genitals of his wife, front and back, at least every 40 days (Women are dirty) — they can follow Sharia in their countries, but not in mine.
    The evil comes out of Saudi Arabia and is filtered out through the mosques — and we just whimper . The late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put it precisely when he said: “The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity other than concessions and smiles.” No wonder the Muzzies don’t respect us — they know they can commit the most horrendous crimes on our soil under our noses with impunity, nobody will ever punish them. Arabs are past masters at twisting the truth around to make it fit their distorted conception of reality, making it seem as if their crimes are our fault. No Muslim has any idea what the truth is, Mo allowed them officially to lie, and lie they do.
    Incidently, the Kaaba was originally a Christian church, with windows and pictures of angels and saints painted on the walls. Now it is a Muslim shrine, but no filthy mosque or any building having anything to do with islam will ever be allowed to be built on the holy ground of Ground Zero — over my dead body, and the bodies of several million patriotic Americans who still have some of the “sacred honor” which so richly blessed our Founding Fathers.

  3. I am still in a state of awestruck disbelief that such a ghastly crime as 9/11 could have happened here in my country and it was so mildly accepted — if we had had a decent American president. everything would have stopped — no traffic lights blinking red and green, no schools open, no sports games played, no planes taking off or landing, all mosques closed and all Muslims of whatever stripe rounded up and put in the concentration camps the government has prepared fo us patriots and kept there until the planes sent to bomb the hell out of Mecca, Medina and Jeddah had returned with their mission accomplished — then all the Muslims could be taken out of the camps and escorted to the nearest airports, loaded onto planes and sent back to their own islamic countries where they can practice their barbarian primitive Sharia atrocities to their hearts content — hack off hands, marry one day old female babies and have sex with them, beat their wives, arrange marriages for their daughters with their half-brothers, or massacre them if they try to develop their own personalities or dare to choose their own clothes and friends, and kill anybody who does not agree with them — this they can merrily do in their own countries but not in mine. It is Islamic law that a man must shave his wife’s genitals, front and back, at least every 40 days (women are dirty). No Muslims in America, no mosques in America, no filthy Korans in America the Beautiful, I can only breathe free when America is Muslim-free.
    Harvard and georgetown University and others — I think Columbia too were bought by saudi Arabia for $2o,000,000 each — at Harvard you can not only buy a professor, you can buy a whole department. Such topics as Arabic philosophy and the History of Islam are taught — of course not the truth about Islam, the Arab mind does not know what truth is but is a past master at twisting the facts around to make it fit his point of view. In our universities students are not taught to think — Mohammed said Muslims should not think or ask questions about Islam because some who did this lost their faith — Muslims are only supposed to blindly believe, like brainwashed robots. This disaster could not have befallen America and England without the abetting of the “useful idiots” who contribute to the downfall of their own country. As Churchill said, they keep feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat them last.

  4. The late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put his finger on the problem when he said: “The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles”.
    I can understand that some of the media, and some politicians, and some professors might be tilted to the left, but I cannot understand that so many have been so brainwashed and corrupted and glad to betray their own country. ALL the major newspapers only print lies. Only Islamic terrorists are allowed to speak to the students at our universities, never a patriotic lover of the constitution, people who think and are educated. In Orwell’s 1984, the dictatorial government had slogans like Freedom is Slavery — and I see pictures of Muslims walking around the streets of London with signs proclaiming exactly this — everything is confusing, even the meaning of words is twisted
    like the Russians choosing the word Pravda (truth) for the official newspaper printing all the Communistic lies.
    Somehow we must start finding a way to remove all the Commies and Muzzies in our schools and courts and Armed Forces and churches and our government and our lives and replace them with noble patriots, those who are willing to expend their “sacred honor” for their country, as our Founding Fathers did.

  5. The late Aleksandr Solzhenitzen put his finger on the problem when he said: “The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles.

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