Intellectual Stupidity Must Be Learned

Canadian confusion over honor killings

 Mohammad Shafia, his second wife Tooba Mohammad Yahya and their son Hamed were all convicted of first degree murder in a court in Kingston, Ontario for murdering Shafia’s first wife and his three teenaged daughters by Tooba. The murders were planned and deliberate and the trio were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for twenty five years.  Read more: 

How about some ‘compassionate cannibalism?’ You got it, baby:

Oh, it’s a custom from the old country?! Why didn’t you say so!

Is it possible that the tolerant multiculturalists of wacademia and the media could mau-mau the West into loving people-eating?  But of course! Here’s one multi-culturalist, Beth Conklin: Pushing the limits of cultural relativism: the lighter side of cannibalism

“Who are we to judge another culture…?”

Brandeis U: “…judging the Shafia family for their crimes means that we are lacking sensitivity for their culture”

“Here at Brandeis, however, I have spoken to people who have said that judging the Shafia family for their crimes means that we are lacking sensitivity for their culture. These cultural-relativism absolutists apparently believe that even murder can be justified if it is part of a people’s culture.”

You have to go to university in order to learn to think like that. (BCF)

When universities are hotbeds of festering far-left bias and political activism:

Some university departments have discarded the ideals of eternal truth in favour of mindless relativism and anti-Americanism/anti-Zionism; essentially existing as moral dead zones where faculty do little more than indulge their basest political biases and engage in what I can only describe as ivory-tower intellectual onanism. Welcome to Che Guevara University in Victoria, Canada, where the  sale of marijuana constitutes the second biggest contribution to the economy….(BCF)

Dumbing down our kids is more serious than glo-bull worming:

Fox News, Muslim victim’s family front for honor murderer

Fox News Detroit ran an incredibly irresponsible, unfair and biased piece on TV last night (video above), along with a similarly flawed news article. The thrust of both is that the Mokdad family is angry about our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference, coming up April 29 in Dearborn, Michigan. They’re insisting that Jessica’s murder was not an honor murder, and Fox reporter Alexis Wiley gives the impression that the only person saying it was an honor killing is Pamela Geller. Wiley doesn’t bother to present any of the evidence that it was an honor killing.

So Pamela Geller posted the facts here. She also went into the comments field of the news article and left some of that evidence.

What happened then was quite revealing: Fox News, “nothing to do with Islam…”