Interfaith Healer Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu to Cure Australians of "Islamophobia" – by Muzzling Freedom of Speech

OIC secretary-general visits Australia for first time

İhsanoğlu  with useful idiot KRudd

Ä°hsanoÄŸlu noted he will meet with senior government officials such as Governor-General of Australia Quentin Bryce, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Rudd and representatives of several nongovernmental organizations. Announcing their intention to sign a cooperation agreement during his visit, Ä°hsanoÄŸlu added that he will ask the Australian government to host a special representative of the OIC in Australia.
We hope its the first and the last time. Australia must not sign away our freedom of speech rights and strictly refuse to pay for yet another Islamic emissary to lobby for Islam.  STOP KRudd Now!
Q-Society Official Press Release:

This week Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has invited Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to discuss “Transition and Change: The OIC and the Islamic World”.

Events take place on February 15th and 16th at the National Press Club of Australia and at Griffith University, Brisbane. Following similar events in Europe and Washington, Mr Rudd’s visitor is here to educate and help us overcome “Islamophobia” in Australia.

Willary Clitman grinning stupidly while  signing away our free speech rights….

The OIC, which represents 56 Islamic states, makes up the largest voting bloc of the UN. United in their effort to limit critical discussion of the Islamic religion and sharia law, these countries refuse to adhere to the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. OIC members construed the ‘Cairo Declaration’, in which human rights are subject to interpretation by Islamic clergy and sharia law. The OIC is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, a feudal monarchy renown for violation of basic human rights under strict sharia law.The feigned concern of the OIC with discrimination against Islam and more notably views not supportive of Islam is in contrast to the violent intolerance experienced by non-Muslim minorities in many Islamic countries, indigenous religious minorities which are not afforded the same respect, recognition or equality demanded by the OIC for Muslim immigrants in the West.

Author and human rights activist Ayan Hirsi Ali ‘s recent article ‘The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World‘ highlights “… an unrecognised battle costing thousands of lives.” With these facts in mind, there are serious questions democratic governments should be asking the OIC, before taking advice from Professor Ihsanoglu.

Q Society appeals to Mr Rudd to show courage and openly address this discrepancy and the discrimination against non-Muslims, evident in almost every OIC country.  Vilifying critics of Islam and sharia practices as ‘islamophobic’ is in fact aiding and abetting those who seek to silence the debate about the rise of Islamic sharia, both in the West and in the once secular countries of the OIC.

Ä°hsanoÄŸlu is everywhere. In other words, the long arm of the Muslim Brotherhood is everywhere:

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  1. The war hots up:

    * Ä°hsanoÄŸlu is everywhere. In other words, the long arm of the Muslim Brotherhood is everywhere:

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