Iran's Top Dog Promises "Great Events"

Get your shoes and socks on, people: the Mahdi is just around the corner:

Iran’s Supremo: “Allah’s promises will be delivered and Islam will be victorious”

Clearly he must have meant, “Allah’s promises will be delivered and the Misunderstanders of Islam, pushing a twisted, hijacked version of what is actually a beautiful and peaceful religion, will be victorious.” At least that’s what all the learned analysts and Islamic spokesmen in the West would have you believe.

“Iran warns world of coming great event,” by Reza Kahlili for World Net Daily, February 3

Iran says it will attack any country used to strike its soil

Does anyone really still believe this is about the peaceful generation of electricity? There are not only the secrecy and subterfuge to consider, but Iran’s willingness to commit economic suicide to stay the course in its nuclear program, ultimately indifferent to the suffering of its people. The ends justify the means, and the goal is not about powering toaster ovens in Kermanshah. “Iran says will attack any country used to strike its soil,” from Reuters, February 5:

Suddenly, nukes are no longer un-Islamic

Iran’s Parliament Urges Attack on Israel…  this year (TROP)

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