Iran's Collective Insanity

Iran Invincible!

Iran cannnot be defeated thanks to its insight, vigilance

Tehran, Feb 15, IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the Iranian nation cannot be defeated thanks to its insight and timely responses to events.

More boasting at IRNA (thanks to Mullah)

Iran warns Hamas against any “compromise” in fighting Israel

A new angle for conspiracy paranoia is born: “Always be wary of infiltration by the compromisers in a resistance organization, which will gradually weaken it.” If the agreement with Fatah crashes and burns, it could set up a purge within Hamas. “Iran warns Hamas against any ‘compromise’ with Israel,” from Agence France-Presse, February 12:

Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei on Sunday warned the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas against any “compromise” in its fight against Tehran’s nemesis Israel, his official website reported.


 Iranian terrorist Saeid Moradi meant to throw his grenade at the police… But it bounced off a tree and blew off his legs.

Saeid Moradi was running from police today before he blew off his legs in Bangkok. The Bangkok Post reported via GWP

 Iran preparing suicide attack boats in Gulf

Small boats with large warheads. Call it “Operation Death Dinghy.” “U.S. Navy: Iran prepares suicide bomb boats in Gulf,” from Reuters, February 12:

Feb 12 (Reuters) – Iran has built up its naval forces in the Gulf and prepared boats that could be used in suicide attacks, but the U.S. Navy can prevent it from blocking the Strait of Hormuz, the commander of U.S. naval forces in the region said on Sunday.

Iran says Israel attacked its own embassies to make Iran look bad

One might say you can’t make this stuff up, except Iran just did. An update on this story. “Iran says Israel attacked its own embassies,” from the Jerusalem Post, February 14:

Iran’s jihad against Israel escalates in an age of weak and supine Western leadership and rising antisemitism in Europe and the U.S. — a consequence of the increasing Muslim presence. “Israel says Iran behind India, Georgia attacks,” from by Dan Williams for Reuters, February 13 (thanks to JW)

Small boats with large warheads. Call it “Operation Death Dinghy.” “U.S. Navy: Iran prepares suicide bomb boats in Gulf,” from Reuters, February 12

Persecution of Christians soars in Iran

Will the Islamophobia never end?

“Persecution of Christians soars in Iran,” by Michael Carl for WND, February 12:

Reports coming out of Iran say persecution of Christians is only growing more bold and brazen, as Iranian authorities once again raided a house church – this time in Shiraz – and arrested between 6 to 10 members of the congregation.The detainees are being held in an undisclosed location.

Iran Asks OPEC States Not to Raise Oil Output

Actually, the mullahs don’t ask, they demand. Or else: “One cannot predict the consequences,”  (GOV)

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