Is Obama Bankrupting America With His Support For the Caliphate?

Always remember:  for Hussein Obama, (who claims to be a Christian)  the Islamic call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth”

Obama Showers Islamic Terrorists With Money America Doesn’t Have

President Hussein  Obama asked that military aid to Egypt be kept at the level of recent years — $1.3 billion — despite a crisis triggered by an Egyptian probe targeting American “democracy activists.”

77 %  Americans believe the U.S. should reduce or eliminate its more than $1 billion a year in financial aid to Egypt.

Hussein Obama is proposing to increase U.S assistance to Pakistan, despite the country’s continued support for terrorism and violence against American interests.

Obama’s recently unveiled 2013 budget proposal seeks to boost aid to Pakistan to $2.4 billion, a sizable increase from the $1.9 billion the country received in 2011.

Never mind the Israel-hatin’ Hezbo-Hamas union-scum that was arrested in Egypt:

Egyptian courts are pursuing transparently fraudulent prosecutions against several dozen employees of those groups, including 19 Americans. Six U.S. citizens are being kept in Egypt against their will. One is Sam LaHood, the son of the transportation secretary. (Hamas & Hezbo supporters.)  These provocations by Egypt are serious.

Obama wants $800 million for “Arab Spring” countries, military aid to Egypt

In this the U.S. is paying for the installation of Islamic supremacist pro-Sharia regimes that will deny the freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, institutionalize oppression of women and non-Muslims, and embark on a jihadist course vehemently and violently hostile to Israel and the U.S. “Obama proposes $800 million in aid for ‘Arab Spring,'” by Susan Cornwell for Reuters, February 13: Cutting our own throat, JW

Rewarding Islamic Terrorists is a Top Priority for the Obamster Gov’t:

Administration Seeks $4.1 Billion for Int’l Bodies, Including ‘Palestine’-Embracing UNESCO

The U.N’s cultural agency lost U.S. funding in FY2012 after it became the first U.N. agency to grant full membership to “Palestine.”

Predictably, Obama’s lawless government is looking for ways around the law:

UNESCO’s funding was cut last November in line with U.S. legislation that denies funds to any U.N. body “which accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as member states.”

“We have made it clear to the Congress we’d like a waiver,” he said.

Senior Republicans warned the administration last fall not to look for ways around the law.

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