Sexy Satan

The most misunderstood religion in the world causes more misconceptions:

 Emirati Wedad Lootah told Muslim women they should not be afraid of enjoying intercourse and that there was a misconception that Islam forbids married women from enjoying lovemaking.

Muslim marriage counselor called “Satan” after saying married women should enjoy sex

A UAE-based marriage counsellor faced a storm of criticism last night after she said married Muslim women should enjoy sex with their husbands.

Happy Valentine’s Day. “Muslim marriage counsellor labelled ‘satan’ for sex comments,” from 7 Days, February 14 (thanks to JW): (  Satanic Sex)

Government Produces Obscene Gay Sex Manual

Of course the government has to choke off the feeble “recovery” by raising taxes still further. How else is it to pay for essential services like providing the public with gay sex manuals? From California via Moonbattery

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  1. Matt Lauer would marry Barry.That would be the ultimate liberal-progressive wet dream,wouldn’t it? A white guy marrying a black Muslim guy.

  2. well I guess they should be like Omayma the egyptian cannibal then, them people make no sense

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