Karzai: ‘’The Afghans should stay in Afghanistan to build Afghanistan"

But they are not listening.

Two more boats – and 740 boat people in a week
Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, February 22, 12

Two more in a day – which makes eight in just one week:

AUTHORITIES have intercepted two boats in Australian waters carrying almost 200 suspected asylum seekers.

That’s another 740 boat people in a week. The doors are wide open, and the Government has given up.


The Press Council has instructed journalists to refer to boat people as asylum seekers rather than illegal immigrants.

In other news:  Gillard says she may back same-sex marriage

Dining with a political prostitute:

Andrew Bolt talks to John Dini, one of three same-sex couples to dine last night with Julia Gillard, who says Gillard said she would now consider changing her mind on same sex marriage, which she called inevitable.

While that impertinent intervention limits frank debate in the Australian media, it does not apply to the Afghan president:

Afghan asylum seekers – the largest group travelling to Christmas Island by boat – had refugee rejections overturned at a high rate in the Federal Magistrates Court in the past six months…

However last night Afghanistan’s President, Hamid Karzai, called for young asylum seekers in Australia to return home.

In an interview with Dateline on SBS, Mr Karzai said he did not want Afghan asylum seekers to be forcibly returned by Australia, but said there was ‘’less and less reason’’ for Afghan youth to flee than there was 10 years ago.

‘’The Afghans should stay in Afghanistan to build Afghanistan,’’ he said. ‘’There’s no longer the threats that were here … those youth must come and build their own country.’’

To sum it up:

NSW Labor Inc stench of corruption is now entrenched in Canberra.  Gillard’s government now stands accused of lying to the electorate to steal an election, breathtaking incompetence in policy, wasting billions and billions of taxpayers money, introducing destructive taxing and industrial policies, compulsive lying over carbon tax facts, standover threatening tactics to silence dissenting industry and media objecting to destructive policies, selling out Labor’s soul and Australia to anti-semitic, infantile Greens, allegedly illegal child refugee ‘trafficking’ to Malaysia and now condoning and covering up sordid corruption and financial fraud involving an escort agency.

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