The World of "Community Organizers"

“We are community organizers.”

Inside the Highly Organized World of ‘Community Organizers’ Who Are Busy Organizing People to Organize Other People

The New Organizing Institute, a group that got started a few years ago, has been described as the ‘West Point of community organizing.’  Now they have put out a video advertising the profession of organizing. It is liable to bring tears to the eyes of Americans of all political persuasions, whether from inspiration or laughter:

The fact that an obscure Marxist Muslim could fool Americans to make him POTUS and damage America for generations must be so impressive that there are now any amount of copycats trying to do the same…..

The organizations/people represented either have an unclear/centrist political agenda or lean heavily to the Left. As if this needs confirmation, check out the other humorous videos the same group released around the same time

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Saul Alinsky-Founded Group Gets $56 Million Obamacare Loan To Start Health Insurance Co-Op… (WZ)

Common Ground, which also includes some unions and a few small businesses, is the Milwaukee affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation,founded in 1940 by Saul Alinsky, a well-known community organizer. The organization, based in Chicago, bills itself as the oldest and largest community organizing network.

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  1. Sure, we can do better, but to make optimal decisions a certain level of knowledge and skill is needed. These folks do not have this! And this make the enterprise misleading at best, dangerous at worst.

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