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This Is Not Your Average ‘Black Hole’

“Another token-a** negro”

Radio Host Loses It With Female GOP Candidate: ‘Get Your Stupid A**’ Out & I‘m Scared Your ’Whiteness’ Might Rub Off on Me

What you’re about to hear is stunning. Get ready.

Here’s how MRC explains the exchange between a Memphis radio host, Thaddeus Matthews, and a GOP candidate for Congress, Charlotte Bergmann:

This shocking video (uploaded to YouTube by someone not friendly to the Tea Party) shows Memphis talk radio host Thaddeus Matthews insulting and humiliating Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann on air.

And that’s being kind. Matthews quickly became upset with Bergmann when she wouldn’t answer directly about any affiliation with the Tea Party. Then he launched into a 16-minute argument filled with curse words and accusations that added up to her being too close to whites and not really having the interest of the black community in mind. Eventually, Bergmann bowed out of the conversation, and that’s when Matthews really let her have it — not only did he accuse her of being a “token negro” for whites, but he also slipped in references about Martin Luther King and even refused to shake her hand because he was afraid her “whiteness” would rub off on him.


The video was uploaded to YouTube on January 25 (as well as part 2). It’s unclear at this time when the interview aired, however Bergmann posted a link to the video on her Facebook page on Tuesday and asked if this is how women in Memphis are regularly treated:

Black Host Thaddeus Matthews Wont Shake Charlotte Bergmanns Hand | Afraid of Whiteness Rubbing Off

Others have reacted as well:

The verbal abuse here is shocking to say the least.  Charlotte Bergman has a billboard up in Tennessee’s 9th Congressional district.  Tennessee Congressional District 9 is considered THE safest Democratic seat in the entire state along with CD 5.  There hasn’t been a serious challenger since anybody can remember, hence the vitriol.


Despite the efforts of the Democrat Party to defeat the Voting Rights Act of 1965, today they openly brag about protecting the rights of all people to vote for the candidate of their choice. However, it’s also quite clear that blacks are the only people in America who are publicly ridiculed should they not vote for candidates Democrats so authorize.

As for Bergmann, she says on her Facebook page that she’s now been invited to the CPAC conference to speak about the incident.