"Not a single Muslim in America wants sharia"

“Not a single Muslim in America wants sharia”-  a claim  made by  RepublicanMuslims.com.

 Logans Warning  contacted them and got into a short debate with them on the issue. They did a terrible job, ran away, and quickly deleted the comments. But just from the picture above, we see Muslim “Republicans” cannot be trusted.

America must be different from France:

America must be different from the Netherlands:

 Is America different from UK?

But lets not go there. The dhimmified Brits have all but converted.

I would suggest they put Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada on the government payroll and make them advisors to the gubmint,  we gotta be fair: The Daily Mail

Hate preacher Abu Hamza, could be set free to walk Britain’s streets if European judges rule he cannot be extradited to the U.S., repeating the precedent set by Abu Qatada. Hate preacher Hamza is claiming that his potential jail term in America could constitute a breach of his human rights because it is potentially ‘inhuman’ or ‘degrading’.