Obamster People

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Ever Get the Feeling the American People are Going One Way and Obama is Going Another?

Obama’s Jesus is quite a different one from the one American Christians know…..

Have you ever noticed that when Obama talks, the America about which he speaks is far different from the America we grew accustomed to living in before 2009? It’s almost as if America the exceptional has been traded for America the mediocre, and the robust American dream has been replaced by government handouts, “free” contraceptives, and a government-endorsed fire hazard green car called the Chevy Volt (that they have to pay us to buy via tax refunds and other perks).  Gobama, go! 

Obama Admin Spends $750K on Soccer Field for Gitmo Detainees

 Santorum is the American Taliban.  (TheRightScoop)

PuffHo Civility:

 ‘The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum,’– Progressives sure know how to dish it out: “Catholics are pedophiles with barbaric rituals who eat Jesus meat…”

Lesbian College Students Demand We Pay Them to Have Constant Sex With Each Other

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