Obamster Watch

It’s basic Saul Alinsky politics: Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. This is how business is done when a country has let itself decay to the point of letting a Community Organizer be president. (Moonbattery)

Obama Ad Targets Koch Brothers

Separated at Birth?

Obama’s Enemies List

Remember Nixon’s enemies list? The media was apoplectic at the idea that a sitting President would have a political enemies list, “the very antithesis of a free society and a government of laws,” as Theodore Olson so eloquently writes.

Is it any wonder that the American public isn’t outraged? The enemedia carries water for this soft fascism.  Obama just does what he wants and the enemedia makes it right. Wait until O turns on the negative ads against the GOP candidate.

There. is. no. accountability. Madness.

Obama’s Enemies List Wall Street Journal via Atlas Shrugs

Electronic Wealth Transfer

Predictably, the November election has inspired the media to tell us the economy is improving. It isn’t easy to dig up evidence to support the spin, but they did manage to find a hiring spree in the Mecca of Moonbattery, Michael Bloomberg’s New York City: Obama Economy Hiring Spree in NYC (moonbattery)

Check out the Soros candidate: