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Thanks to Scaramouche:
Then: the Dangerous Delusion of “Peace in Our Time.” Now: the Dangerous Delusion of a “Peaceful” Iranian Nuclear Program in Our Time  (John Bolton)

Losing what he never had:

Quran Burning Rage in Afghanistan (FrontPage Magazine)
Can you imagine? If say, President Reagan would have groveled before Stalin along with a bunch of his generals if they had damaged a copy of the communist manifesto?  (Vlad)

Apologies for the accidental destruction of Qurans already defaced by terrorists aren’t quelling the Islamic call for blood. Now, there’s a surprise.

Go for it, boyz!

7 Dead in the ongoing Afghan Koran Riots, 12 dead in Peshwar, Up to 50 dead in Iraq  (BCF)


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  1. This is totally off topic, but I just wanted to pass along the term ISLAMOCRAT, as in “someone who struggles for Islamic Rule.”

    As the Left so well understands, it is important to label our enemies, and we don’t have a lot of good labels for this enemy. Please pass it along if you think it will help our cause.


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