Sing Sing Fling

Skaf rapist’s jail tryst with prison psychologist

A FEMALE prison psychologist has been stood down and referred to the Independent Commission Against Corruption over her involvement in a secret, long-term relationship with one of the notorious Skaf gang rapists.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the forensic psychologist first met “H” when she began counselling the long-term inmate during a sex rehab program at Parklea Prison.

Neither can be identified due to legal reasons – his name was suppressed by a judge more than a decade ago because of mental health reasons.  (Mental health reasons? Got it. Nothing to do with Islam… what about his victim? No mental health problems? Was her name suppressed too….?)

Prison Jihad

UK jailhouse jihad: Terrorists log on to “” to preach hate and violence from prison

Prisons in both the U.S. and the U.K. are hotbeds of jihadist recruitment, but this is taking it to a new level. Why are these convicted jihadists given any Internet access at all? Absurd Britannia Alert: “Jihad from jail: Islamic terrorists using network website to preach hatred from behind bars,” by Chris Greenwood for theDaily Mail, February 20 (JW)

Britain’s most dangerous Islamic terrorists are exploiting a security loophole to spread their message of hate from behind bars.Not only have they been able to radicalise fellow inmates, they have also appealed to a new generation of supporters around the world.

Dozens of unrepentant extremists have been exposed as glorying in their fanaticism and encouraging others to consider further atrocities.

Among them are key figures in almost every major terrorist conspiracy of the past decade, including the July 2005 attacks in London. They include hate cleric Abu Hamza, lone-wolf attacker Roshonara Choudhry and failed BA bomber Rajib Karim.

The inmates have been able to voice their hate-filled opinions via a website apparently run by former members of a banned extremist organisation. Some boasted they were studying extremist material.

News of the security breach sparked outrage and one MP called on the prison authorities to tighten up their systems. It comes at a sensitive time for the Government in the aftermath of the decision to release hate preacher Abu Qatada.

Steve McCabe, a Labour MP who sits on the Home Affairs Committee, said some of the material ‘sounds dangerously close to incitement’….

No kidding, really?