Time to kick the bums out!

Douglas Murray talks about the Muslim Jihad against Europe, which increasingly relies on intimidation.    (Video)

The Halal Racket in France

Muslim correctly says, “They just don’t want us here in France”

The mayor of Roubaix, a French town near the northern city of Lille , has launched a law suit against fast- food chain Quick, arguing that it constituted “discrimination” against non-Muslims.

Quick decided to take a bacon hamburger off the menu  replacing it with a halal version that comes with smoked turkey. (Barenaked)

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National Celebrations Unislamic– A Kuwaiti Salafi centre has called for a ban on the country’s national celebrations, claiming they violated religious ethics.

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  1. Muslims Attack Churches in France


    France: ‘Suburbs becoming Muslim land’, says journalist

    Adler said the violence in the banlieues can’t be explained only as social problems, and that it’s due to the Muslim doctrine that wherever Islam spreads is Muslim land. The banlieues can be compared to the Muslim areas of India, which eventually seceded and became Pakistan and Bangladesh.


    French people were evicted from Algeria, Morocco etc, so why should Muslims be allowed to live in France?

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