Sunday Morning Islam

“Tolerate instead of Ignoring”

The US Embassy in Austria has been pushing multiculti propaganda by holding a film contest on the theme of “Diversity and Tolerance”.

Reminds me a bit of the old “keep an open mind – but be careful your brain doesn’t fall out…”

Here’s he prize-winning video via  Cheradenine Zakalwe:

Vlad has some interesting ringtones:




Canadian ring tone


Danish ring tone

U.S. Releasing Gitmo Killers

Victory or Defeat? The Talibandits who may leave Gitmo…. (GOV)

Smelly Plans

Austrian and German Terrorists Hid Plans in Their Underpants

Two alleged Islamic terrorists including one Austrian hid plans in their underpants to hack off heads, burn bodies and then send the videos back to their al-Qaeda bosses in Afghanistan, a German court has heard. German Yusuf Ocak, 26, and Austrian Maqsood Lodin, 22, were arrested last year and charged with membership in a terrorist organisation. Prosecutors in Berlin say both underwent terrorist training in the lawless frontier region of Pakistan. (GOV)

“Risking Muslim Backlash”

Filip Dewinter, a Belgian politician has risked causing uproar among Muslims after starting a ‘Women Against Islamization’ campaign featuring his 19-year-old daughter wearing a burka and a bikini. “Muslim Backlash” After Teenage Daughter Dressed in Burka and Bikini  Campaigns Against Islam

Enough to ‘Mecca’ you Sick

UK: The Mecca of the City: In a London Street, The Faithful Find a Way to Pray as Their Mosque Overflows

One worshipper said: ‘It’s grown and grown in recent years. It started off as just one room in the mosque, but now people come from all over the City and there just isn’t the room for them in the building.  ‘You get the whole community, everyone from City boys to people from the local area. It’s great being outside on a day like today, but it’s not so much fun when it rains.

‘Some people are surprised when they come into the area on a Friday – seeing that many people praying outside together is not an everyday sight in the UK. ‘You wouldn’t know unless you were looking for it, but it’s right in the middle of the City.’

Barenaked has great cover on the Islamization of Italy

Look: Muselmaniacs are just like us!

MUSLIMS ON A MISSION to convince us that Sharia (Islamic) law is just like American law

Islam, where  “murder-is-just-a-misunderstanding!”

Muselmaniacs in Macedonia

When churches burn the black flags of Islam are usually not far away: