The Plight of a Jewish Princess

Yet another “not without my daughter” story.

Beats me how a Jewish woman can shack up with a Sowdi Barbarian this day and age. Perhaps not quite as infuriating as the incurable Jemima moonbat Khan, who recently signed a petition for an inquiry into the “anti-Islam press”. 

Annoying, to say the least.

French Jewish mother wins custody battle against Saudi prince

A French Jewish mother has won a custody battle in France against a Saudi prince, who has been ordered to return their 10-year old daughter he was alleged to have kidnapped after their cross-religious romance turned sour.

The Paris criminal court ordered Prince Sattam al-Saud from the kingdom’s founding royal family, to hand over custody of his daughter Aya to her French mother, Candice Cohen-Ahnine, and provide child support of €10,000 (£8,300) a month.

For the past three-and-a-half years, the prince has kept Aya in a Riyadh palace despite efforts by the French foreign ministry and President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office to resolve the issue.

But the French court ruling appears to have had no effect on the prince. “What do I care of Sarkozy?” he is cited as telling Nouvel Observateur magazine. “If need be, I’ll go like [Osama] bin Laden and hide in the mountains with Aya.”

Miss Cohen-Ahnin, 34, and the prince met in London 14 years ago at Brown’s nightclub and their daughter was born in November 2001.

Their relationship continued until 2006 when he allegedly announced that he was obliged to marry a cousin, but that she could be a second wife. She refused and they separated.

Miss Cohen-Ahnine claimed that her daughter was taken from her during a visit to Saudi Arabia in 2008 and that she was held in the prince’s palace where she had only fleeting meetings with her daughter.

She said she managed to leave when a maid left her door open and she sought refuge in the French embassy.

Miss Cohen-Ahnin was eventually spirited out of the country after the prince allegedly produced a document purporting that she had been Muslim but had converted to Judaism — a crime punishable by death.

She said she was concerned about her daughter’s upbringing when she discovered Facebook photos of her in a niqab and playing with her father’s firearms.

Despairing at the lack of diplomatic progress, she published Give My Daughter Back, a book recounting her ordeal, in October.

Since the court ruling, the prince faces an international arrest warrant for ignoring the custody sentence.

Mrs Cohen-Ahnine said the court ruling was a “great victory for me and vindicates everything I have said … but I’m still very worried for my child’s future.”

The prince denied ever having kidnapped the child or the mother.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he said: “She was free to come and go as she pleased.”

In Sowdi Barbaria? You gotta be kidding, mate.

He said she had converted to Islam and the two had married in Lebanon under Islamic law, and under terms of the divorce, put through courts in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, the parents were to share custody of the child.

He said the protocol was drawn up in Saudi Arabia offering her a house, all expenses paid and access to the child and the possibility of taking her on holiday for one-and-a-half months a year.

He said she left Saudi Arabia for France without even telling the family. He claimed that she said: “’Give me two million euros and take the daughter’. I said, ‘No, I don’t bargain over my own child’. That’s when the problem started.”

“She left Saudi Arabia for France without  telling the family?” That’s impossible.  A married female cannot do anything without permission from her custodian.

The prince said he would send lawyers to France to challenge the court decision but not his daughter.

“France hasn’t got the right to take her back. She is a Saudi citizen and a princess. They cannot oblige a princess to leave this country,” he said.

11 thoughts on “The Plight of a Jewish Princess”

  1. It would make a great movie!!
    Remember the other case of the Aussie woman who lost her kids to a Malaysian prince?
    I just can’t remember her name right now.It was quite a while ago, but she wrote a book about it. (Jaquie someone?)

    Perhaps the lefty arty farty community can do it? /sarc
    Someone like Geoffrey Rush perhaps?

  2. Sorry Gramfan, I don’t wanna see that movie.

    There are more than 3000 cases like that in Israel alone where Jewish twits have married Arabs, which causes enormous security problems for the Jewish state.

    My sympathies are worn. They brought it upon themselves. Ignorance is no excuse.

    In this case, the woman was lucky she got out alive. She’ll never see her daughter again.

    The guy is clearly your archetypical Arab lunatic with money. (In most cases there is no money and the perps suck the bank accounts of their spouses dry)

    There should be a worldwide arrest warrant out for him, but you know that’ll never happen because all our politicians are suckers for recycled petro-dollars.

    Dimbulbs who marry Muslims should be given a flyer with a warning that they’re on their own after they sign the marriage agreement. They become chattel and lose all their rights after that.

    I don’t see why the taxpayer should foot the bill to sort out their problems.

  3. Did you see my /sarc?
    I don’t want to see them either but it might actually get some lefty attention.
    Now I recall the other story: “Once I was a Princess” by Jacqueline Gillespie.

  4. Aside from the fact that it is stupid and self-destructive for a non-Muslim woman to marry a Muslim man, it’s also stupid and self-destructive for any man or woman to choose a marriage partner at a night club. That isn’t where you go to meet somebody who is “spouse material.”

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more Sheik, my sympathy has also run dry for these stupid bints who would rather listen to the crap dribbling nonsense of Arab males.

    They get what they deserve and should be treated like lepers, turn your back on your own, at your peril girls.

  6. I’ve been reading “Escape! From an Arab Marriage” and “Thirty-three Secrets Arab Men Never Tell American Women” by a lady called Cassandra.

    They are very interesting and the scary thing is that these marriages are common and the children who get secreted away to places like Saudi Arabia do actually face a huge amount of abuse. It’s not like a tug-of-love war where the children are loved are cared for. Stories in her books detail how children have been sexually abused, beaten, forced in marriage at a very early age. It’s chilling.

  7. I feel sorry for the little girl. She will be raised as an Islamo zombie and grow up hating Jews, including her own mother.

    Before she is 12 she will be married off to some old geezer who will whack her into submission, and she’ll never even know why her life is such a disaster….

  8. I have a Coptic friend who says the mosques actually pay the guys if they marry a non-muslim and get her to convert.

    Part of their not so stealthy jihad.

  9. Once I Was A Princess. Author: Jacqueline Gillespie

    The Raja Bahrin story: A father’s dramatic rescue mission
    Authors: Raja Bahrin Shah & Bryan Wickham

  10. I can tell you that this story is not true. Not all arabs are perfect but this definitely did not happen. Recently there was a story similar to this framing an arab prince, which I believe is a Saudi, and it turned out to be %100 nonsense. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. This happens to a lot of high ranking people in government and business whether they’re middle eastern, european or American.

    1. Muselmaniacs are victims by nature who need to be defended by Emelia?

      Malay prince sues

      The 17-year-old Pinot, a well-known socialite, returned to Indonesia in May and told media that the 31-year-old Fakhry had slashed her with razor blades and treated her as a sex slave.

      She reportedly said she was held captive in her room and drugged whenever she complained.

      Malay prince sues Indonesian wife

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