U.S.: Kafir Law No Longer Applies

Officially closed down mosque keeps pushing the limits:

DEKALB County:  A judge already put the Illegal mosque and its leaders  on probation,  but  the soldiers of allah keep annoying the neighbors and keep holding services. Court orders are ignored. The imam Enamul Haque, who howls like an eunuch at 7:00 am over powerful loudspeakers, refuses an interview with the TV crew and tells them “you are disturbing my private life… someone is harassing us”….

Will be interesting to see whether the judge holds up under pressure. The Muslim lawyer says the “Muslims will not change their behavior…”

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video.

4 thoughts on “U.S.: Kafir Law No Longer Applies”

  1. Whatever happened to the ‘contempt of court’ = 10 days in prison? Or does this not apply to muslims?

  2. They wills stop when the people grow some balls and routinely burn these fuckers out and the homes and businesses too. If they are treated correctly they won’t DARE to let anyone know that they are pedophile worshipers.

    The moslems know that it is up to them to change our laws and they are dedicated to the cause and unafraid of what the courts can do to them. Until we do the same, they will win!

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