UK: No Human Rights For Christians

Counterfeit Human Rights From a Watchdog With Fleas. Trevor must be an Obama disciple or a Soros plant. This is no accident:

Christians Asking for Religious Exemptions Is Like Muslims Pushing for Shariah Law

Yes, its Clever Trevor again:

“You can’t say because we decide we’re different then we need a different set of laws.”

A human rights watchdog has a message for Christians: You must choose between following your religion and obeying the law. Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), a UK-based non-departmental public body that oversees human rights, took a strong stance against legal exemptions for religious groups during a recent debate in London. Read More »

Southport dad jailed for putting “racist remarks” on Facebook

A DAD-of-two was jailed for posting racist remarks on the internet. Anthony Buck wrote anti-Muslim comments on social networking site Facebook.  He was sentenced to a total of four months after breaching a suspended sentence for a previous crime. (Muslims laughing hysterically)

Teenagers Kidnapped and Raped by Muslim Gang

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Two teenage girls ‘taken to flat and raped by gang who thought they could do as they pleased’

Two teenage girls were lured from their home town to a dingy Birmingham flat where they were subjected to a degrading weekend of sexual attacks by a group of men who “believed they could do with them as they pleased”, a court was told yesterday.

The girls, aged 15 and 16, were driven from Telford, Shropshire, to the flat by two men who used them for sex before “offering them up to their friends”. The men said that they were part of a violent gang and “used their strength in numbers” to persuade the girls that “resistance or escape was hopeless”.

The six are also charged with 14 sex offences, including seven rapes, attempted rape and five sexual assaults. 


2 thoughts on “UK: No Human Rights For Christians”

  1. I don’t think I’d bother going online at all in Britain.
    What do British cops think of themselves? Are they proud?
    “How was work today,honey?”
    “Not bad,love.Nicked a racist from face book and locked him up.”
    “Anything else,dear?”
    “We shit our pants when some Asians were marauding up and down the high street.We let ’em smash a few things up and yell abuse at us.They spat at us,made their point and moved on.Oh,and I’m serious about the pants,love.”

  2. Aha. that would be it for me… must be that counseling from Abu Qatada… lol… yep, they got spit at by some Asians and they can’t take it anymore

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