Afghani Headbangers Threaten "Storm of Fury"

There is a way to deal with these lunatics.

But  knowing that “America will never be at war with Islam” Obama would rather throw our own  to the wolves than hurt the tender feelings of his Muslim brothers.

Senior Afghan cleric threatens “storm of fury” if there is no public trial over Qur’an burnings, and troops are not punished under Afghan law

Once again: validating irrational rage, and validating in principle the demands for punishment is only fueling the fire, and further endangering American and other NATOtroops. The cleric said it himself: anything seen as a half measure will only serve to enrage, and will become an additional excuse for violence.

“Afghans won’t accept US justice for Koran blunder-cleric,” from Reuters, March 3 via JW

Mark Steyn: America’s longest war will leave no trace

“Die, die, foreigners!”

The Afghans trained by Westerners, paid by Westerners and befriended by Westerners are the ones who have the easiest opportunity to kill them.

Samantha Lewthwaite’s  is “no small fish” in the global jihad:

Kenyan police seeking another British female convert to Islam

“War is deceit,” Muhammad said (Sahih Bukhari 4.52.267). Samantha Lewthwaite’s denunciation in 2005 of her husband, who was one of the 7/7 bombers, as “brainwashed” can be found here. Now, she is described “no small fish” in the global jihad.

7/7 widow’s luxury lair:

Inside the Kenyan villa where London bomber’s wife ‘plotted Al Qaeda terror attack’

Obama Administration:

We’re Trying to Make It “As Hard As Possible” on Israel to Decide to Strike Iran

President Obama plans to caution Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week against attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities in the coming months, urging patience while international economic sanctions take full effect.

The enemy in the white house. The Washington Post via GWP

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  1. Let us all join the koran burn with Terry Jones on April 7th, 2012 at Dearbornistan. If you cannot attend, burn korans where you live. Invite CAIR and the news to attend. Imagine Beer, Pork BBQ, women in bikinis, koran burning and pissed off moslems all together. Spread the word to tell obama, karzai, and the mullahs to pack sand…. Spread The Call to Arms!

  2. CW, the phrase is “pound sand” … It has that forceful implication. 🙂

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