Aghan Ulema: "Men are fundamental and women are secondary"

When we leave Afghanistan, some of the rubble will be slightly  rearranged. The Afghans will have better weapons and a stronger Islam and everything else will be like it always was. Its as if we’d never been there:

Back to the 7th century; they wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.

That’s Why Teenage Brides Set Themselves On Fire

“In the past one year alone, doctors at a burns unit at the city hospital have seen 83 cases of self-immolation, with nearly two-thirds proving fatal.” (BCF)

Pamela Geller:

Obama’s War on Women: Afghan Women’s Rights Lost In Taliban ‘Peace’ Deal

Afghan women

Under the sharia, women are always thrown under the bus, unless you want $9,000 worth of contraception under the Catholic Church’s health plan.

Funny how busy Obama is congratulating Sandra (of the 8 condoms a day) Fluck for her “bravery.” Funny how Obama plays the “Republican hates women” card at his puff press conference yesterday. But truly oppressed women? O says, screw ’em, and you won’t need birth control for that.

This best illustrates the left. They make women into whores and call it empowerment, while ignoring the oppression, subjugation and slavery of women.

Another bloody, oppressive “peace” deal with Obama’s peace partners.

From the Wall Street Journal via Fox News:

Afghanistan’s government appears to be scaling back its support for women’s rights to advance peace talks with the Taliban ahead of the withdrawal of foreign troops, Afghan lawmakers and human-rights activists warned Tuesday.

A government-appointed council of 150 leading Muslim clerics last week urged the strict application of a conservative and literalist interpretation of Islamic law regarding women. The council said Afghan law should require women to wear the veil and forbid them from mixing with men in the work place or traveling without a male chaperone.

“Men are fundamental and women are secondary,” the Ulama Council said in a statement on Friday, according to a translation by the Afghanistan Analysts Network. President Hamid Karzai published the statement on his website, fueling speculation that he backed the conservative clerics’ position.

The Ulama Council’s recommendations also included a number of other declarations that seemed to support Karzai’s political positions, including backing peace talks with the Taliban and urging the handover of US-controlled prisons to Afghan government supervision.

“This is a political statement; this is not an Islamic statement,” said Shukria Barakzai, a female lawmaker from the capital, Kabul.

The council’s positions are relatively standard orthodox interpretations of Islamic law, similar to those that would be issued by mainstream Muslim clerics throughout the Islamic world. But such positions would mark a significant step backwards for women in Afghanistan were they to be enshrined in Afghan law.

They also come at a particularly jittery moment in Afghanistan. The US and its allies are set to pull most of their troops from the country by 2014. The US and Karzai both say they are intent on pushing forward with peace talks with the Taliban — a movement that has a long history of oppressing women — although US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has pledged that the peace outreach won’t mean backsliding on advances in women’s rights.

4 thoughts on “Aghan Ulema: "Men are fundamental and women are secondary"”

  1. “$9,000 worth of contraception under the Catholic Church’s health plan.” , “8 condoms a day”?
    Giving people who cannot afford children access to the pill is a socio-economic necessity.

    Giving Billions to a country who will use that aid to enforce religious apartheid and the suppression of women is a crime against humanity.

    They should not be confused.

  2. before we leave ( canada ) as a humanitarian gesture, and a fuck you to the UN, our soldiers should give all of our guns and ammo to the girls schools we provided to these goat fucking, helmet wearing, window licking, short bus riding, sand NI$%&*S… and only the women get the G n’ A!

    our boys don’t get to keep shit back home i believe…

    otherwise… get into orbit and nuke the works… only way to be sure?

    stole both of the comments… but history never repeats does it?

  3. The Islam religion is a perversion of Christianity and other mixes. It’s as they say “hogwash”. We see just how perverse it is when looking at their treatment of women. The fact is that God did make a woman secondary to a man. But for a specific reason that doesn’t relate to Islam or other “dominating” ideologies.

    When a man and woman are married, they work together in unity to serve God. The man has his role and the woman has hers. But God created man with a specific purpose of leading a family. Therefore, a woman MUST be secondary to a man. This simply means the man draws the bottom line. But that doesn’t mean a woman cannot be an influence on that decision. Men and women are not equal. There is only equality in unity. They work together, not separate.

    The Islam religion is nothing of the kind. It is purely barbaric, perverse, and idiotic. And for anyone to follow goes to show they are very far from God. They serve a false God. And simple observation proves it. Their religion dictates that all non-muslims are enemies and must be destroyed. Do you really think God would command such a thing? Not hardly. God has no desire to destroy His Creation. All men are created by Him. But when a soul becomes sinful, it is through will. We all sin when we become deceived. But it isn’t necessarily a willful act. There is a difference when a man is driven by hatred in the heart. I would presume that God has no use for such a man. And there will be many that God may destroy when the time comes. And I would also say that those many will not see it coming when it does.

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