Algae. That's it!

Why does this remind me of FZ’s song “I am the slime?”

Gingrich mocks Obama’s algae energy comments as ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’

NRO: by Jim Geraghty

The top adviser to President-Heal-the-Sick-and-Stop-the-Oceans’-Rise laments the“magic fairy dust” talk in politics.

Axelrod: No More ‘Fairy Dust’ Talk! Stick to Algae!

“We always want lower gas prices, because that’s good for our economy.  The question is whether it’s realistic to say, as the speaker did, that there’s some magic fairy dust that you can sprinkle and get $2.50 gas?  The American people know that’s not the case,” said [David] Axelrod.

David Axelrod says it’s time to stop the “Magic Fairy Dust” talk of $2.50/gallon gas and focus on real solutions. Like algae-powered cars.

Algae Fairy Dust from the Magic Muslim:

As the poster of that video notes, “Obama’s solution to $5/gal gas is to spend years, even decades, developing a new fuel, creating a new distribution system, and have everyone buy new cars that run on this fuel. I wonder how that will help the people hurt the most by high gas prices.”


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Once the global oil industry was dismantled so as to stop wars for oil, the world plunged into a desperate and seemingly endless global war for algae…

And, as always, progressive protesters rallied in the streets for peace, while proudly carrying indignant signs and chanting anti-war and anti-algae slogans:

– No blood for algae!
– No war for algae and Empire!
– Stop Obama’s illegal war for algae!
– Stop America’s addiction to algae!
– Another generation betrayed by Big Slime!
– Algae: not in my name!

See pictures and other documentary evidence below.


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RED and GREEN don’t mix (except in Watermelon Environmentalists!)


Barakalypse Now: I love the smell of algae in the morning.

Stop America’s addiction to algae! Another generation betrayed… No war for algae!

No war for algae and empire! No blood for algae!

Algae Wars: The empire strikes first.

Not in my name!

But hey, if it all fails we still got…. Coconuts!

Windmills? Solar Panels? Fuggedaboutit! The Renewable Fuel of the Future is…Coconuts?

This snippet is from the current issue of National Geographic (I quote from my paper version since this bit isn’t available online):

This year Tokelau, a trio of South Pacific atolls, aims to generate all of its power with solar energy and coconut oil. It joins other coconut-rich places–including Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and Vanuatu–that have blended or modified coconut oil to run things like ships, trucks, and official vehicles.

You can fuel your truck and make a mean pina colada. How great is that? I bet even now Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGreeny is assembling a panel of experts to try to figure out how to grow coconut trees in chilly Ontario.

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  1. It started with algae for fuel…then they turned it into food biscuits and they called it soylent green.
    Next they were grinding up human bodies to make the soylent green food biscuits because they ran out of algae.

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