Aussie State Run TV Goes Into Full Blown Islam Promo With Former Beauty Queen


I’ve just been informed that Channel 7 is private, not state run. My bad. Which is even worse when you think about it…..

The burqa is not a fashion item.

Cupidity and stupidity make way for  treason:

Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive this century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes… (Mark Steyn)

Finch’s culture exchange

The happy females in this flick are living the good life because of democracy and  OUR  laws. NOT because of Islam. It is no cooincidence that all Muslim countries fill the bottom places in the World Forum on Gender Studies report.

The sad truth is that they will support calls for Sharia not realising it will rob them of the freedoms they now enjoy.
The difference between those who are wearing the hideous shrouds out of fear of being killed if they don’t and those who wear the freedom sack for a day either out of stupidity or because they’re being paid for it couldn’t be greater.

Damien Hansen/Today Tonight

Former Miss Universe Australia, TV star and model, Rachael Finc knows all about Islam and wants you to submit too. If you oppose the glittering dimbulb you are a racist bigot Islamophobe. Now get out of the way and leave it to the  kumbaya experts:

An Australian beauty queen has been welcomed into one of the country’s largest Islamic communities, to see firsthand what Muslim life is really like.

For many, suburban pockets like Bankstown in Sydney or Coburg in Melbourne are like countries within a country, with their own rules, their own dress code and their own language.

Rightly or wrongly, the perception is simple: non-Muslims aren’t welcome here.

(We have ways to make you like your subjugation, kafir!)

But one person has been welcomed in and granted access to seek out the truth, and dispel the urban myths.

Truth? Urban myth’s?

Miss Finch could have started right here:

Feminist group protest mistreatment of women in Islam, Islamic marriage realities. At last.

But she didn’t. Far from it.

I believe Miss Finch should go the whole nine yards and enjoy some mandatory Islamic beating:

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That person is former Miss Universe Australia, TV star and model, Rachael Finch.

According to demographer and social commentator Bernard Salt “the Muslim community – like any community – like to congregate where people speak their language, where their places of worship are located, and newspapers and supermarkets that provide their food.”

Finch is walking in the shoes of Rebecca Kay, a devout Australian Muslim woman and mother of four. Kay was born in Australia and became Muslim about eight years ago.

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But Kay, a former Wollongong surfer girl, has a confession. “Before I was a Muslim, I was a Muslim hater. I used to listen to talkback radio a lot, and have that same kind of attitude. I used to love saying to people ‘if you’re not happy here, then you can go back to where you came from’,” she said.

Today however, Kay is the perfect example of the modern Australian Muslim woman – politically active, driven and fiercely protective of her culture.

“Fearing god and believing in god has taught me to love my fellow human being again, and appreciate people for who they are, not their colour of skin, or the way they look,” Kay said.

Before the cultural exchange can begin, Finch gets the blessing of the Muslim Women’s Association.

“For me it’s a respect thing, because I honour and respect what they’ve done, and I see them as role models,” Finch said.

“It’s important to go and see the elders before we continue on this journey of spirituality, and introducing Rachael to the Islamic culture and faith. Without the elders’ approval you can’t really go anywhere,” Kay explained.

For Salt, respect for elders is “one of the areas where native Australians, domestic Australians, could learn a lot from migrant communities – the way they defer to the elderly in many cases.” A big part of Kay’s week is volunteer work at My Home Respite, a community-based respite centre for children with special needs.

“The women who work there are volunteers, they don’t get paid. Five days a week these women are there,” she said.

“Walking into that respite centre, and seeing those women give up their time for free, to help those less fortunate than them, is an overwhelming feeling,” Finch said.

Over lunch at local favourite, Jasmine One, Finch got acquainted with her first Lebanese feast, before heading off to Auburn Gallipoli Mosque.

Outside, Finch’s physical transformation is clear, but it’s inside the Mosque where she feels different and changed.

“As soon as I walked in, there was a sense of peace and happiness, and if I was to drop a pin I could hear it,” she said.

Finishing off her day with the girls with a shopping trip, Kay shows Finch what Islamic fashion is all about, before heading home to prepare dinner.

“We have people over all the time, it never ends. A lot of people have a lot of kids, they all play together, and it’s really loud,” Kay said.

“We have taught the Greeks, the Italians and perhaps the Muslims about the joys of the backyard barbeque, and they have taught us about new food stuffs, and new values perhaps – like valuing family, valuing the elderly in society,” said Salt.

Finch says she thoroughly enjoyed her day with Kay.

“It was absolutely beautiful,” she said. “I really learnt a lot, and am so grateful for this opportunity.”

“It was nice to be able to walk in her shoes, and see that stereotypes of Australian Muslim women aren’t particularly true. It was a success – to see what multiculturalism is all about, getting to see at the end of the day, we’re all Australians no matter what colour our skin is, or what we believe in, or what our backgrounds are – we’re fair dinkum, dinky die Aussies,” Finch said.

“They’re intelligent, they’re smart, they’re independent, they want a career and they want a family, and to me that’s empowering.”

Kay hopes that something good can come of this story, and that it can encourage people to be more open-minded.

Salt sees the cultural exchange as a positive step. “I think the experiment with Rebecca shows very much the way of the future, with an open and tolerant mind on both sides,” he said.

Sure. Open and tolerant. We report it  every day how open and tolerant Islam is. Here’s a breakfast menu and there’s plenty more where that came from:

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Pakistan: 100 women forced to convert to Islam “in recent months”

Saudi Arabia: Another Twitter user faces charges for apostasy

U.K.: Deported jihadist hate preacher still broadcasting message into country, urges establishment of secret jihadist mosques

Family Guns Down Two Young Lovers…

Marriage Guide: ‘Pull Her By the Ear, Beat Her by Hand or Stick’…

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  1. It is like an advertorial to Aussie girls to convert to Islam. Nice, feminine clothes, friendly, happy companions, committed hubby who does the BBQ and a community to below to.

    It’s like a net for all the disaffected and marginalised young women out there.

  2. Does anyone mention that two faced Rebecca Kay’s muslim family-in-law is very well known drug and murderous gang?

  3. Ch7 also promoted Islam in their breakfast TV program. I wonder why they do this. Has some Saudi sheik bought channel 7?

  4. “Does anyone mention that two faced Rebecca Kay’s muslim family-in-law is very well known drug and murderous gang?”

    Hey what’s the matter for you? they are good boys they neva do nutten to nobody.

  5. Bankstown Independent candidate Rebecca Kay married to Darwiche family member
    8 FEB 11 @ 06:00AM BY JOANNE VELLA

    Former Labor voter Rebecca Kay is concerned about high-rise developments. Picture: CRAIG GREENHILL.
    A BANKSTOWN State Election candidate married to a member of the Darwiche family has urged people not to judge her or her relatives.

    Rebecca Kay, 28, is the wife of Albert Darwiche, the older brother of 37-year-old drug boss Abdul, who was gunned down outside a Bass Hill service station on March 14, 2009. On October 30, 2003, Ahmad Fahda was shot 30 times at a service station in Punchbowl Rd, Punchbowl.

    Ms Kay denied the Darwiches had an ongoing feud with the Fahda family. “I don’t feel there is a problem,” she said.

    “Their (the Darwiches’) reputation exceeds them.”

    The mother-of-four says she was driven to stand as an independent to keep the major parties “honest”.

    Ms Kay is also prepared to take part in the Canterbury-Bankstown Express forum at Bankstown Sports Club on March 2 – unlike her Liberal opponent Bill Chahine and East Hills contender Glenn Brookes. “It’s the whole issue of Labor and Liberal,” she said.

    “I hope to win but realistically I’m there to keep them honest. I want to see them fight for the seat.”

    Formerly a loyal Labor voter, Ms Kay named Bankstown’s high-rise developments as one of her chief concerns for the electorate and accused Labor of being detached to the community’s needs.

    Ms Kay said she had strong support with voters being a Muslim of Anglo-Australian background. The Wollongong-raised Bankstown resident converted to Islam eight years ago when she married Mr Darwiche.

    “I’m a real person. I have a mortgage. I’m a mother. I know how it is to live in Bankstown.”

  6. Channel Seven Today Tonights and Rachel Finch’s new best friends

    Australia,Sydney’s Occupied Territories,The SLIME of Multiculturalism jizzed over both sides of politics, when you lay down with DOGS you wake up with Muslims and Multiculturalism.

    Multicultural Sydney: Muslim “Community Leader” Rebecca Kay exposed after Hoxton Park High School Muslim Riot

    Muslin Insurgents in Sydney’s Occupied Territories, thumb their noses at Australia and our Laws……gee who da thought it possible?

  7. @Steven

    Good Lord, infamous enough to have their own Wiki page. Well, as for this bird, when you lie with dogs you get up with fleas.

    There was a time countries would revoke citizenship for the unsavory. Sigh.

  8. Steven,
    Thanks , I have a lot on the Muslim Colonialists of Sydney’s Occupied Territories, these swine are stars of this particular Multicultural Tribe.

  9. She should experience the real Muslim experience…she should marry a Muslim man and share her new home with his other wives and live in Pakistan…

  10. “O Lord from the fury of the Norsemen deliver us” would pray the Saxon monks but here it is “O Lord from the utterances of these bimbos deliver us”.

  11. guys stop the hatred stop hatred.thos muslims who born in australia are more auusies then white aussies.thats why they marry to aussies.get to know eachother and communicate with eachother thats the only way to solve any misunderstand if any one have.while u talking about australia dont bring the culture of pakistan or suadis or india afghanistan….and try to compare them with this community it dosnt make sense.the more you turn in to ignorant and pridness the more u goin deep in to darkness and blind and deef that your lost. . ..

  12. Alex,
    How dare you claim that muslims born in Australia are more Australian than non-muslims born in Australia. You ignorant creeep of a racist muslim!!!! Your comment is full of contradiction, which means that you are either an invader who has not mastered English, or just a low IQ moron. Either way, Australians are people born in Australia REGARDLESS OF COLOR and those, whom after having been given Australian citizenship, honor the law of AUSTRALIA and NOT THE BLEATINGS of some muslim ca. 620 AD.. How dare you accuse us of what you have been doing for decades ( turning your eyes inwards and only accepting your own (the muslim ) community). We have always accepted others when they have been willing to respect our laws and our people, and YOU have NEVER done this. Do you seriously think that you people have actually contributed anything to OZ – YOU HAVE NOT. You are the people who have turned inwards with ignorance and pride – how dare you accuse us of the level of stupidy which you display on a daily basis. You were probably one of the muslims cheering when three kids were murdered by a muslim in Toulouse – not to mention three honourable men (also muslims) who placed their lives at risk for France. This is something you will never do!

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