Australia labors under socialism…

Gov’t funded destruction of industry:

For pure, circular destruction of wealth, happiness and prosperity, it doesn’t get much better than this. Keep reading  →

How journalists can stay out of trouble

$60m to help lawyers flee oppression

Would that money not do more good if spent on aid overseas, rather than lawyers here?

TAXPAYERS will fork out at least $60 million in free legal advice for asylum seekers this year as new figures reveal 80 per cent of detainees are winning their appeal for refugee status.

What about Katters freedom of speech?

I’m not buying “Homophobia” – as in ‘irrational fear of homosexuals’.  I just don’t want them to shove it down my throat and teach ‘alternative lifestyle’ theology to my kids. And I’m not even a friend of Katter.

KRudd committing us to the Libyan conflict? Amazing.

I’m not amazed.

Our secret soldiers in Africa:  A SECRET squadron of Australian SAS soldiers has been operating at large in Africa, performing work normally done by spies, in an unannounced and possibly dangerous expansion of Australia’s foreign military engagement.

Our Climate Shysters:

Wet or dry? Its all due to glo-bull worming….


This tax will save us and future generations of Australians from dangerous climate change:

Carbon tax about to cost us $30b

The ultimate stupidity: the world has barely warmed at all in 15 years, and this tax would do zero to stop it even if it resumed.

Don’t laugh:

Bathurst’s $7.5 million Flannery Centre has come under fire from a Liberal MP and right-wing commentators even before its doors have opened. The reason those doors haven’t yet opened, following several years of promises? Why, too much rain, of course.