Former Hamas-linked CAIR official running for president in Egypt, pledges to "complete the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt"

Egyptian Presidential Candidate Bassem Khafaji Pledges to “Complete the Implementation of Islamic Law in Egypt”–MEMRI

Jihad Watch reader Benedict  points out that Bassem Khafaji, or Khafagi, used to work in the U.S. for Hamas-linked CAIR.

The Koran says unbelievers are  like beasts: Deaf, dumb, and blind, they understand nothing” (2:172) but more and more among us smell the coffee:

What he says is not so surprising. Who he is is what is noteworthy here. “Egyptian Presidential Candidate Bassem Khafaji Pledges to ‘Complete the Implementation of Islamic Law in Egypt,'” from MEMRI TV, March 7 (thanks to Benedict):

Following are excerpts from Egyptian presidential candidate Bassem Khafaji, which aired on Al-Nas TV on March 7, 2012:Bassem Khafaji: Let me tell you, in all honesty, that as a Muslim Egyptian, I am convinced of [the need to] complete the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt. I do not hide this truth in any way, because it is in keeping with the inclination of the Egyptian people.

We Egyptians – both Muslims and non-Muslims – refer to the shari’a in many things. I often ask people: How did you get married? Wasn’t it according to the shari’a, regardless of whether you are Muslim or not? Weren’t you married in accordance with your religion? When somebody in our family dies, how we inherit him? Not in accordance with the shari’a?

No [candidate] should say that he is coming to implement the shari’a, because part of it has already been implemented. What the Egyptian people want is to complete this implementation. As president, I will personally assist in the completion of the correct implementation of the shari’a, by consulting the experts [in Islamic law].

Jihad Watch reader Benedict, who kindly alerted us to the above item, also points out that Bassem Khafaji, or Khafagi, used to work in the U.S. for Hamas-linked CAIR:

The former community affairs director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Bassem Khafagi was arrested in January 2003 on suspicion of aiding terrorists. Khafagi is also the founder of the Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA), a radical, Ann Arbor, Michigan-based organization. He pled guilty in a Detroit federal court to two counts of bank fraud and one count of visa fraud.

Hamas-linked CAIR constantly insists that Muslims in the U.S. don’t want to implement Sharia here. So did Khafagi change his mind about Sharia when he went back to Egypt? Or does he think Sharia should be implemented in Egypt but not here? Or maybe he and others in Hamas-linked CAIR really do want to bring Sharia here? I confidently await the imminent explanation from Honest Ibe Hooper, clearing all this up!

Update from Scaramouche:

Gullible Infidels Shmeered by Muslim Brotherhood’s Smarm Offensive

From onislam:

CAIRO — Spending more than a decade behind prison bars during former president Hosni Mubarak’s rule, leading businessman Khairat el-Shater has emerged as the most decisive voice in the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, commanding a far-wider influence as the group’s chief policy architect.

“He is the behind-the-scenes guy,” Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, who recently met with Shater along with a group of mostly Republican lawmakers, told The New York Times on Monday, March 12.

“Very impressive,” she added.

Known for years as the Brotherhood’s most important internal advocate for moderation and modernization, Shater emerged after the revolution that toppled Mubarak last year as the most decisive voice in the leading political group.

Staying a dozen years behind bars, he helped chart the Brotherhood’s first steps into electoral politics, initially in Egypt’s professional associations of doctors, lawyers, engineers and the like.

“No need to be afraid of us” declared the headline of a 2005 article he wrote from behind bars for the British newspaper The Guardian.

“The Brotherhood,” he wrote, “believes democratic reforms could trigger a renaissance in Egypt.”

Yes, but it won’t be a Leonardo da Vinci/Michelangelo sort of “renaissance.” It will be–it is–a rebirth of sharia. (BTW, Senator Lindsey Graham: not a chick.)