Berlin: Dead Muslim Thug Gets Massive "Allahu Akbar" Funeral

I smell carbeques coming on:

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Yesterday Islam vs Europe  posted about how Muslim thugs in Berlin were promising revenge after a German man they were attacking stabbed one of them to death.

The police investigate the offence but the man is not held in custody because the circumstances indicate that he acted in self-defence. The victim is himself admitted to hospital, suffering from a fractured base of the skull. Now the word on the streets is “Revenge”.

These are pictures from the dead Muslim’s funeral procession. There were shouts of “Allahu Akbhar!” As PI noted, these photographs could have come from the Gaza Strip.

On police advice, the German man who killed the Muslim in self-defence has moved out of the area with his family to stay with relatives.

7 thoughts on “Berlin: Dead Muslim Thug Gets Massive "Allahu Akbar" Funeral”

  1. A warning to you muslim scum – you attacked this man – he defended himself – you attack him again and you pay full price. You stinking Nazi muslim scum!

  2. As I reiterate over and over and over … Learn how to protect yourselves in armed and unarmed combat. Find a good martial arts school, find a good firearms training school. Start today. This German man might have to permanently move away, but he’s ALIVE and the Muslim dirtbag is dead. Had he not been armed with a knife, he could have easily been murdered by the head-banger thugs and he would have been nothing more than another statistic chalked up to the cost of multiculturalism and tolerance. The Muslims only understand blood and death. So be it.

  3. Amazing the amount of garbage westerners accept from isslamm. Let’s see just one western leader stand up to these jihadist bastards.

  4. i’m shocked that the german man was not arrested for carrying a weapon. i would not be surprised if they do eventually arrest him for murder.

    according to the koran, no infidel is allowed to defend himself against an attack from his superiors. now the muslims can kill him, his whole family, and any other infidels that cross their path. rape and loot too.

  5. Somehow those pictures look less and less like a funeral and more like a show of threat: “look how many of us there are – how many of you are willing to risk being killed?”

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