Cheaper by the dozen….

Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah had links to Islamic extremists in Britain

For a ‘lone wolf’ he was very well connected….

Just like his brother:

Preliminary charges filed against brother of Toulouse jihad murderer

Abdekader Merah Update. “Preliminary charges filed against gunman’s brother,” from the Associated Press, March 25:

A Frenchman suspected of helping his brother plot attacks against Jewish schoolchildren and paratroopers was handed preliminary murder and terrorism charges Sunday.But Abdelkader Merah denied any role in the attacks. Investigators looking into France’s worst terror attacks in years believe Merah helped his brother Mohamed prepare the killings, and are investigating whether they were linked to an international network of extremists or worked on their own.

Abdelkader’s lawyer said he feels like “a scapegoat.”

But he has said he is proud of his brother’s actions.

But wait, there’s more:

Dozens of French nationals being trained by Taliban

There’s more where Mohamed Merah came from. Much is made below of the fact that Merah did not appear religious, and was seen in a nightclub. But it is nothing new for jihadists to make an effort to appear non-religious (see also: Lesson 8 of the “Al-Qaeda playbook”), or to indulge in what they please not only to blend in, but with the assumption that “martyrdom” will cancel out their sins. Mohammed Atta, one will recall, was said to drink like a pickled fish, and the 9/11 hijackers and Nidal Hasanvisited strip clubs.

“Dozens of Frenchmen being trained by Taliban: Pakistani officials,” by Dera Ismail Khan for the Associated Press, March 24

French police stop march held in memory of Muslim serial killer

AGI (H/T MARTIN)  This afternoon, some one hundred riot police officers intervened to disperse about thirty people who were trying to hold a demonstration in memory of Mohammed Merah, the man behind a series of shootings in Toulouse who was killed by the police two days ago after an over 32-hour siege. Most of the demonstrators were burqa-clad young women. Wearing the full-body burqa veil in public is illegal in France. (BNI)

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