Entitlement Jihad: Free Condoms and Free Beer (Part II)

Pamela Geller:

Slutgate: Contact Carbonite – Drop Ed Schultz

Compliments of Cons.Underground via Moonbattery

A 30-year-old poses as a 23-year-old, chooses a Catholic University to attend at $65,000 per year and can not afford ALL the birth control pills she needs…

So she wants the US taxpayers to pay for her rampant sexual activity. By all accounts she is banging it five times a day. She sounds more like a prostitute to me. She must have an gyno bill to choke a horse (pun intended). Slut was a softball.

Obama calls her and tells Sandra Slut Fluke that her parents should be so proud of her.

He’s a pimp. 

Did he call the sole survivor of the Fogel family massacre?

Morals? He hasn’t got any!  

Gingrich RIPS David Gregory for Making Limbaugh ‘The Great National Crisis of This Week’ (Video)

With all that ails the nation, Meet the Press host David Gregory actually began his interview with Newt Gingrich by asking him about contraceptives and Rush Limbaugh.

 “I am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the president’s apology to religious fanatics in Afghanistan, to avoid a trillion dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the great depression, and to suddenly decide that Rush Limbaugh is the great national crisis of this week,” —Gingrich said when asked about the controversy by NBC’s David Gregory on “Meet the Press.”

“This is the most fundamental assault on religious liberty in American history despite every effort by the elite media to distort what it’s about. It’s not about contraceptives…It is about whether a religious institution should be coersed by the federal government.”

Newt Gingrich:

“The President  (should)  apologize to all the men and women in uniform who he in fact abandoned when he apologized to religious fanatics in Afghanistan.” NewsBusters  via GWP.

Oh brother: looks like them Jews are not so easily fooled this time:

What Sandra really wants is below the fold: