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Shrouded high flyers? Do freedom sacks come with wings?

 Islam prop for infidel consumption:

High-flying Muslim career women willing to ‘share husbands’ because of a lack of suitable men

Spare me the BS!

Muslim career women in Britain are choosing to become involved in polygamous relationships because of a lack of suitable men. Some of them even choosing to become second or third wives to married men, according to the Islamic Sharia Council.

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Back to reality:

You might call it “Free sex for me, but not for thee.” It’s not prostitution if you call it “temporary marriage.” Meanwhile, a man’s other wife or wives will be sitting ducks for whatever venereal diseases hubby brings home, and may even end up getting blamed as a cover story.

And everyone knows that nothing strengthens the bonds of holy matrimony and the fabric of society like temporary polygamous unions contracted in secret. What could go wrong? An update on this story. “Iran rejects obligation to register temporary marriages,” by Farshid Motahari for Deutsche Presse-Agentur, March 6 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Tehran (dpa) – The Iranian parliament rejected a draft bill Monday which would have obliged men to register temporary marriages, Fars news agency reported.

The bill was aimed at increasing the rights of women who become the second or third wives of polygamous men, in a practice used to get around a religious ban on sex outside marriage.

Unregistered temporary marriages are those made by clerics – de facto only making the couple religiously legitimate – but without any written contract which could at least give some rights to the women.

The bill was rejected by a majority of deputies.

Temporary marriage – or Siqeh – is a highly controversial issue in Iran.

The supporters, mainly among clergy circles and religious people, say that it is a legitimate way to counter social immoralities.

But opponents term Siqeh as a legalized form of prostitution and a humiliation for women.

Sexual relations between unmarried couples are strictly prohibited in Islamic Iran and can lead to arrest and heavy cash fines.

Islamic law allows men to have four wives at the same time, while women are only allowed one husband.

Temporary marriage is virtually unheard of among modern Iranian families, but some traditional and religious families still turn to the practice.

High living costs and unemployment also drive some young people who cannot afford to get officially married to choose the Siqeh option.

Siqeh allows couples to live like husband and wife, but the bond is neither officially registered in identification cards, nor can children from these marriages obtain legal rights.

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  1. * Islamic Sharia Council

    Some of the lies and blasphemies on that site …

    Want to leave Islam and marry a Christian

    [Thank you for the email. I would like to invite you back to Islam, the religion of all the Prophets who convyed one message which was to Worship Allah, the Creator of all mankind. Allah has appointed a day which is the Day of ressurection where every soul shall repay for their actions. All the major religions believe in this. However, they have strayed away from the pure teachings of their prophets and have adultrated their scriptures with falsehood.

    Islam has been the religoin of all prophets because they came from One God Who chose one religion for His creation.]

    [Or will you become a Jew or Christian who were already Muslims and following the religion of Ibrahim who was neither a Jew nor Christain rather he submitted himself to Allah, the Lord of heavens and earth? This submission in Arabic is called ‘Islam’ and the one who submits is called a Muslim. Thus, all the prophets preached to their people to submit their selves to One Allah which is Islam/Muslim. ]

    * (Abraham) submitted to … allah.

    The Islamic Sharia Council is a charity – I wonder how much jizyah it attracts to fund its “charitable” works?

  2. So they’re “choosing” to share their husbands just like they “choose” to wrap themselves in a shroud and to be stoned to death occasionally, right?

  3. By definition, those women who join the religion of perversion are not those who are capable of scaling the heights in any endeavor. The claim is dishonest at best, and is actually quite amusing were it not for the dark shades of a very nasty ulterior motive that can easily be linked to the claim.

  4. Islam and HYPOCRISY are interchangeable just like HYPOCRISY and Left Wing moonbattery are.

  5. ” nor can children from these marriages obtain legal rights.”

    So I guess Iran does not have the concept of Anchor babies for any illegal… eh undocumented workers to their country?

  6. In a recent TV interview a muslim cleric defended the rights of a husband killing a wife he found in flagrante delicto but denied the women the same rights for two reasons.Firstly, the other women might have been a wife he had just married without the other wife knowing about it. Secondly, the husband might have divorced the other wife and she had not yet had that news. A recent sharia court ruling legitimized e-mailing a divorce. That little snippet of a TV clip tells you everything about Islam and women you might ever want to know..

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