Germany in the grip of Muslim terror

I recently reported about the 18-year-old Yusef Al-Abed, who was stabbed to death as he and twenty of his armed Turkish and Arab friends attacked a collapsed German man: “Berlin: ‘tense armed calm’ after German killed Muslim in self-defence“. The German, known as Sven N., is to be acquitted, since he clearly acted in self-defence against the twenty Muslims, who were armed with knives and daggers. While Sven N. is recovering from having his skull fractured during the attack, tensions rise in the neighbourhood of Neukölln, Berlin, as ‘anti-German insults’ and talk about ‘burning down the neighbourhood’ and ‘riots’ is spreading in the Muslim dominated area.

Even though the German journalists only report bits and pieces of the story and one has to piece several articles together to get the full picture, they allow small and very interesting bits of information slip through — often buried deep inside the articles. The above-mentioned article ended with this quote: “‘Arab family clans appear regularly in hospitals and schools in order to make ruckus over trifles.’ Mostly in groups, usually armed.'”

Another article, “‘How did it come to this?‘” ends like this, clearly showing the role of their prophet and their women: “‘I do not know what will we do when we get hold of the offender.’ At this moment the sound words of the preacher Ferid Heider are a fitting response: ‘Think about it! How did it come to this?’ he calls out with a sad voice: ‘Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, we do not want our youth to fight, we are too small in this area for that. We want a youth who acts according to our prophet’s advice. We have to show what kind of religion Islam is.’ In the end, the women are also allowed to put flowers at the grave.”

In the article below, a Muslim tells us that ‘This is a separate universe with its own laws’.

Neukoelln, Im a Muslim dont panik.jpgTranslated from German by Nicolai Sennels, Der Tagesspiegel March 8: “Knife attack in Neukölln: Police foresee revenge“:

After the fatal knife attack on an 18-year-old adolescent in Neukölln, there is talk of retaliation. Police officers visit families in the neighborhood and meeting places to talk about the release of the alleged offender.It is an explosive mixture. Grief and anger determine the atmosphere in the neighborhood around the so-called “White Settlement” (Muslim ghetto) in Neukölln. In the new neighborhood, young people are using the word ‘revenge’ when talking about the fatal knife attack on 18-year-old Yusef El-A. ‘I can guarantee one hundred percent that this will have a sequel. This is a separate universe with its own laws,’ says Burak K. as he describes the tense situation. Burak K. has lived in the neighbourhood his whole life and he knew Yusef by sight.

Everybody in the neighborhood talks about Yusef — and about the perpetrator, whom the police will release on Tuesday (March 13th 2012).

The alleged stabber Sven N. (34) already confessed the attack to the police. After the hearings, however, no arrest warrant was issued, because the prosecutor believes that he acted in self-defense. Investigators know that not many understand this in this neighborhood — and apparently responded immediately. ‘We know there is a threat,” says police spokesman Stefan Redlich. Therefore officials are talking with the families of the victim and at the locals’ meeting places. The officials are not ordinary police, but professionals whose working area is integration and migration. They see themselves as a ‘link’ between police and immigrant organizations. ‘We have explained them what actually happened and made an effort to explain German laws — for example, what is self-defense,’ says Redlich. Our experience is that it is important to influence situations like these at a very early stage in neighborhoods like these, to avoid rumors ‘that could lead to an emotionally charged situation.’ Whether Sven N. will be need protection by the police — and how — is still not clear. Currently the 34-year-old is admitted to a clinic because of his fractured skull. He got his injuries during the attack. His condition had deteriorated during the interrogations.

On Sunday Sven N. and his friend, Oliver H. (39), rushed to stop a fight (Turks and Arabs were fighting over who should get a football that had flown over a fence) in the neighbourhood. It ended in a deadly confrontation in front of Oliver’s house at the Fritzi-Massary-road: A group of about 20 young people had armed themselves and flocked in front of the house and challenged the two men. Without alerting the police, Sven N. then went outside with a kitchen knife — according to investigators and witnesses in order to calm the situation. Unsuccessful. According to Sven N., he was attacked by several of the young people — and out of fear for his life, he used his knife against Yusef El-A. and thereby stabbed the latter in the heart.

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  1. Don’t you know that you are not allowed to protect your yourself from the pack of muslim hyenas. You’re supposed to let them kill you or they’ll just do it later if you attempt to stop them now. Either way , you lose.

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  3. How dare those infidels actually FIGHT BACK? Why the arrogance! Lock and load Germans, be prepared!

  4. Why doesn’t the police arrest the 19 remaining criminals that took part in the attack? Muslims have no concept of justice and always find an excuse to justify their crimes — they twist things around to mak themselves the victims even if they are the perpetrators. They must finally be taught the rules of civilization so they will stop being savages — but that is impossible, because they want to emulate the chief savage Mohammed, so the only answer is to expel them — lock, stock and barrel, along with every stinking filthy koran, a silly book for children, full of lies. They can continue to be savages in their islamic countries, but not in mine.

  5. Good question Sarastro!

    This is how it works. Muslims or some particular group enter – en masse- the lowest levels of the civil service. Some advance themselves in the system, and in doing so promote their own (and those that support their position) into positions of responsibility. After some decades they are basically controlling the low level input into the machine called democracy. This means that the machinery that controls, for example, the decisions to prosecute certain individuals (which emmanate from medium to low level input into the public service from the police service branch) can be delayed and its outputs controlled from within. I suspect that the request to detain all 19 of these muslim thugs simply never got past first post on entrance into the public services “building”.

    Do you see how this works. Retarding /controlling flow of information at the lowest level so that the act of retarding the information flow is invisible to most. Highly successful terrorist tactic.

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