Obama's Ultimate Power Grab

“Progressive mission accomplished. Now  on to phase two: communism!”

Glenn Beck:

“Obama is not the first radical- Woodrow Wilson and FDR did it too.”

If you read nothing else today, read this. (click on the above link for the full story)

..Early Sunday morning and the AWOL mainstream media has missed the proverbial boat on the latest Executive Order signed Friday by President Barack Hussein Obama.

Executive Order “National Defense Resources Preparedness”, in effect nationalizes all the energy, food and water currently existing on American soil.

The EO is cunningly covered under the auspices of Peace Time Martial Law at the discretion of one man.

Although now posted on the Drudge Report, at the time of this writing, only scant reportage on the Web about the signing away of liberty and individual rights.

Tea Party leaders and patriots doing Paul Revere duty by disseminating the news of Obama’s latest executive order must have sent word to websites other than Canada Free Press (CFP) overnight.

As large as life, Executive Order “National Defense Resources Preparedness” is up there on the White House website, or as one patriot wrote in her email: “Hot off the Government press”.

“National Defense Resources Preparedness” follows by two days the major distraction of the Obama-fawning Prime Minister David Cameron’s bundler-attended Official State Dinner on Wednesday.

The terms of the executive order bringing all life-giving constants, including water and food, under absolute Government control make the dire, big-brother predictions of Orwell’s 1984 look tame by comparison.

‘Paul Revere’ Obama’s “National Defense Resources Preparedness”, breaking through the glass ceiling of distractions, to make it go viral.  Read it all

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