Haroon rubs it

Islamo-agit-prop Haroon Siddiqui gets a soapbox at the Star:

Gen. Allen has ordered every NATO soldier to immediately undergo a sensitivity session in “the proper handling of religious materials.”

To desecrate the Scripture or to insult the Prophet is to scar the soul of a Muslim. Such is their devotion to the holy book that they are rarely far from it, physically or in spirit. They give it pride of place in homes. Most kiss it before and after every reading. 

Vlad Tepes:…and the apologies continue…

 Is turn around fair play? Pastor Terry Jones thinks it is.

Burn the Koran and images of Muhammad, stand against the tyranny of Islam!

Release Pastor Youcef immediately or else we are calling for worldwide public burning of Korans and images of Muhammad on April 28th, 2012 at 5pm. The time of Islam’s rule by intimidation has come to an end. Join us on April 28th at 5pm and publicly burn Korans and images of Muhammad if Pastor Youcef is not released. It’s time we unify in organized civil disobedience and burn publicly that which Islam hold more dear than human life…..