How many Bangladeshi's should we put up?

With every muselmaniac settling among us our country becomes more like the failed Islamic hellholes they left behind.  There appears to be no will on either side of government to round up these phony refugees  and to rigorously ship them back:

Eighty bridging visas?  Sixteen years?   (Andrew Bolt)

Refugees from Bangladesh? More than 80 bridging visas? Sixteen years of legal tussles? How much has all this legal fighting over so many years cost us, and why was it left to get so out of hand?

In what is one of the longest battles by a foreign couple to live in Australia permanently, the boy’s parents have failed to gain refugee status after 16 years and more than 80 bridging visas.

One thought on “How many Bangladeshi's should we put up?”

  1. Refugees from Bangladesh? More like economic migrants. Send them back home, unless the left needs them in country for gerrymandering.

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