Iraq goes 'Emo' hunting

Iraq: Militia comes to school, asks students to report “suspicious behavior”: not terrorists, but “emo” kids

Priorities, in an update on this story. No one seems to grasp that looking the other way from extrajudicial killings of allegedly deficient Muslims will eventually come back to bite them, because they have approved the practice in principle. “Iraqi murders put gay and emo youth on edge,” by Mohammed Tawfiq for CNN, March 12: JW

More on this story. Note the freewheeling conflation of the suspicion of homosexual tendencies, allegations of devil worship, and whatever else the government’s thugs please to level at their targets. The all too literal witch-hunt is ultimately an indiscriminate, arbitrary display of power designed to terrorize the populace into line, and into erring on the side of not calling attention to themselves that could put them in harm’s way.

This is the test case, the prototype for things to come, if no one has the political will to resist. The extrajudicial terrorizing of the population on “moral” grounds will not stop with the persecution of “emo” Iraqi youth.

The moral police have decided to get their foot in the door by targeting a group they think no one will care about. “Iraq ministry backs LGBT massacre as fears grow of more attacks,” by Sharifa Ghanem for Bikya Masr, March 12 via JW

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  1. Like they say, the first victims of Islam are the people themselves.

    What a waste, killing your own young because of their fashion sense. What lunatics….

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