Karen Armstrong: Islamo-Prop From a Deranged Ex-Nun Who Jumped Ship

Karen wants us to know that the small minority of Muslim-excremists would really like us if only we could get rid of “Islamophobia”

“Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib have  tainted the image of the West and  we’re witnessing a surge of virulent Islamophobia in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and some parts of Scandinavia.”

I’d stop worrying about ‘the image of the west’ if I was her and concern myself with the image of raging Koranimals. But Sowdi Barbaria is paying  Koran Armstrong too well for that.

Meanwhile, back in Sowdi Barbaria, tolerance and understanding of “the other” is reaching new heights:

Saudi Arabia: Expat group warns workers to be cautious about expressing non-Muslim faith in wake of grand mufti’s church-destroying fatwa

6 thoughts on “Karen Armstrong: Islamo-Prop From a Deranged Ex-Nun Who Jumped Ship”

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  2. Karen Armstrong is a devout worshipper of Karen Armstrong; whatever she might have believed at one time has long been buried under the trappings of fame. “Let’s all play nice together – we all believe in the Golden Rule” really means to her ” Hopefully the next stop in my life’s journey will be a Nobel Peace Prize”. Sadly what she doesn’t realize is that she is a bad joke to any rational thinking Christian or Jew and she is so ineffective that even the Muslims don’t feel threatened (she thinks respected) by her. Excellent article on her inaccurate approach to rewriting history in order to rewrite history:

  3. I have read several of Armstrong’s books.I found her very shallow and uninformed about many things. I am not a Roman Catholic,but I do have respect for nuns and monks who remain true to their calling. I know of a few personally.
    K.A.’s book on Islam is a bunch of inane bunk! So are her “reasons” for leaving the convent. She is hardly the scholar she thinks she is.She should go back to school and study facts,not fiction.

  4. Sounds like a nutjob. Let her try living in Sowdi Barbaria instead of England and see how she likes it

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