Leave it to Kofi!

He’s baaaaack!

Kofi Annan to Solve the Syria Problem?  What genius came up with that one?  (Scaramouche)

The corrupt, incompetent One-World African who once stole whatever he could steal from the UN  is back to do what  the third world shysters at the UN always do: steal some more. Looks like the little creep  has been missed by his crooked buddies  and all the other parasites in that UN-speakable temple of graft and extortions.

Kofi Annan, the joint UN-Arab League envoy on Syria, has said the “international community” should unite behind his mission to speak with one powerful voice to end the country’s bloody crisis. (Al Jizz)

As the uprising in Syria escalates, we ask if there is a danger that the country will become a playground for al-Qaeda.  (Al Jizz)

Yes, we actually helped these vermin!

Islamic gratitude:

“The violence was thought to be retaliation, in part, for the burning of the Koran by US soldiers in Afghanistan last month.”

DANGEROUSLY excitable adherents of Islam have been on a murderous rampage ever since some copies of the Koran were inadvertently burned at the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan.

Alan Howe

I can understand them being grumpy about the accidental incineration, and perhaps demanding an apology from the US Army.

They might even have written a letter to the editor.

That’s what we in the West would have done, had we done anything at all.


But here’s some of what’s happened: a suicide bomber killed nine people in one attack, and in another at Oruzgan, where our Australian troops are based, three more innocents died; a car bomb was detonated at the gates of Jalalabad Airport; and a roadside bomb in Tarin Kowt killed three Afghan policemen.

NATO has been forced to withdraw international military personnel from Afghan Government departments after a major and a lieutenant-colonel were shot in the back of the head by a local employee, part of a toll that has seen Afghan “colleagues” shoot dead six US soldiers as payback for the Koran incident.

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So we actually helped these vermin? Yes indeed. We did.



2 thoughts on “Leave it to Kofi!”

  1. The U.N. is the biggest promoter of communism in the world and should be dismantled and used as a breakwall along the New York shoreline.

  2. @al Kidya

    Yes. Yes, they are communist and that is why the UN has turned into one big joke.

    But also, be aware of the subversive UN sub-group called Agenda 21, they hide behind ‘green/sustainable development’ to push communist control in your local city governments and schools., specifically in the west. I have found them listed on small city councils in the US and on London’s Westminster city council website too.

    Thanks to people like the American, Tom DeWeese who realized what was going on with the UN and the NeoCommunist who are using green ideology to push the same failed agenda of the past.


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