Leftie French Jews rush to absolve Islam of any blame for the massacre of four French Jews by a Muslim terrorist…..

Welcome back to disgracefully stoopid dhimmitude and craven cowardice. Its ‘backlash’-time again!


Melanie Phillips Rips The MSM A New One For Their Lies About Muslim Terror

“Desperate to sanitise Muslim genocidal terrorism and prove that racism and Jew-hatred is confined to white people and the ‘far right’, the media simply did not entertain the possibility that the perpetrator of the French killings might have been a Muslim. So a range of likely perpetrators was canvassed – but they were all variations on white racists“–BCF

Some leaders:

 “Leaders of the Jewish and Muslim communities said the gunman was a lone extremist and called for calm and unity.”

Latest news first:

French police: Toulouse jihad gunman is dead

“You’re what the French call Les Incompetents” - Home Alone

Just in from the Guardian, unconfirmed AFP is also quoting police sources on the same.

Muselmaniacs rush to make themselves the victims of anti-Muslim sentiment in France:

Muslims in France worry about anti-Muslim backlash after jihad massacre at Jewish school

“Diversity” ueber alles!

Don’t let Toulouse blow out the flame of French diversity

David Meyer: The Jews and Muslims of France must not retreat behind the wall of a one-dimensional identity. That way, only hatred triumphs….

David Meyer, I will donate a rope so you can hang yourself with it, you disgusting dhimmi coward!

We see it again and again: every time there is a jihad attack or a foiled jihad plot, the mainstream media focuses attention on the poor victimized…Muslims, churning out story after story about a backlash that never actually materializes, and thereby attempting to shift focus away from jihad mass murder and onto the Muslims as victims, needing special protection and deserving to be exempt from especial scrutiny.

Does anyone fall for this nonsense anymore? Oh, yes, they certainly do.

“French Muslims fear post-Toulouse repercussions,” from EuroNews, March 21 (thanks to Answering Muslims)

Here’s al Jizz:

French religious leaders have put on a show of unity after those attacks which killed seven people.

President Nicolas Sarkozy invited the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities to the Elysee Palace on Wednesday.

All the men said the gunman who shocked the nation would not drive them apart.

Al Jazeera’s Nick Spicer reports from Paris.

He’s a “martyr”- thousands will come to his funeral:

Jihadists don’t lack for three things: bloodlust, excuses for “revenge,” and hubris. “Toulouse siege gunman ‘planned another attack’,” from France 24, March 21:


Tim Blair – Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009, the media went into standardPrebyterian protection mode:

The motive for the deadly Fort Hood shooting rampage that has left America reeling is still unclear.

This was despite Hasan yelling “Allahu Akbar” before commencing his rampage. As D.G. Myers points out, we’re again in no-motive land following the mass murder of Jewish children and French soldiers in Toulouse:

There was “no clear motive” for the attacks, the New York Times said in an early draft of its story on the shooting at Collège et Lycée Ozar Hatorah on Monday. In later versions, after an outcry of disbelief, this was self-protectively revised to read: “Speculation over the motives for the killings ranged from anger at Muslims fighting in Afghanistan — the unit of three of the soldiers has been deployed there — and anti-Semitism, to a hatred of immigrants.”

Subsequent NYT coverage remains evasive:

In reporting that “French Police Say They Have Cornered Suspect in School Shooting,” the New York Times earlier today described Merah as a “French national of Algerian descent,” carefully avoiding any mention of his religion. After saying that Merah “told negotiators that he belonged to Al Qaeda,” and after identifying his motives at last (“the attacks were meant to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children and to protest French military deployments abroad”), the Times went on to reveal that Merah “called himself a mujahedeen [sic],” which the newspaper helpfully translated as a “freedom fighter.” (Because, you know, to shoot Jewish schoolchildren in the head at close range is obviously to strike a blow for freedom.)

As Mark Steyn notes, we’re again working our way through the four stages of media denial. It’s an intriguing process. Meanwhile, Mohammed “No Motive” Merah is still holed up in his completely un-Islamic apartment. Click for live – and eventually dead – coverage.